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Top 10 foliage plants for flower beds

About Top 10 foliage plants for flower beds

Preparing a flower bed around in your garden is mostly the reflection of your personal likes and ideas about flower gardens. The aesthetics, however, are more a matter of personal preference. You might prefer a formal look with straight edged beds and plants in orderly patterns. Or you might prefer a more natural look with sweeping curves and irregular clumps of plants. The styles you choose are up to you.

Thus we brings you the list of top 10 foliage plants for flower beds. from portulaca to bulbs to marigold and many more plants are available and will be the ideal choice of flower beds. Choose plants so that your garden offers color and interest throughout the growing season and even in winter. Spring-flowering bulbs are good for early color.

Planting groups of the same kind of plant in clumps or drifts provides more visual impact than planting a single plant, unless the plant is large enough and spectacular enough to hold interest by itself. Spectacular blooms grab our attention, but don’t ignore the rest of the plant in your planning. Many plants have foliage that adds colour and interesting visual textures to the garden.


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