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Top 10 Euphorbia Plants

About Top 10 Euphorbia Plants

Euphorbia plants is easy to called its actual name is called Spurge. These are great for houseplants and occasionally grown outdoors. There are many types of Euphorbia plants available out of which we have bring you the list of Top 10 Euphorbia Plants you must have in your home or outdoor.
Euphorbia plants are easy to grow and not much caring is required. it can easily thrive and very hardy in temperature climates. These are easy to start from seed. They even thrive in very poor soils and can tolerate periods of drought.
Euphorbia Plants are also called Crown of thorns and is recognized by its spiky stems. It will be strange to know that Poinsettias are also a form of Euphorbia that is recognizable to almost everyone. Spurge or Euphorbia Plants require well drain soil and in full sun. These Euphorbia Plants are almost impossible to kill and are a perfect choice for the novice gardener.


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