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Top 10 air purifying house plants

Chlorophytum, Spider Plant - Plant

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Chlorophytum Comosum Bonnie has the traditional green with white stripe variegation of the Vittatum but it is leaves curl and bend. The flowering stems are yellow and plantlet are curly like the parent.

Nephrolepis Exaltata Teddy Junior (Green) - Plant

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The Teddy Junior Fern ( Nephrolepis Exaltata) is the most popular of all ferns.

Marginata (Dracaena marginata) - Plant

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The Dracaena marginata is a member of the Dracaena family (Asparagaceae), a family that provides some of the most durable foliage plants used indoors in offices building, hotels, and malls but also as an everyday house plant.

Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum - Plant

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Peace Lily, is a very popular indoor houseplant. It is a clump-growing herbaceous perennial which produces white flowers which look like the hood of a cobra.

Pleomele, Song of India (Golden) - Plant

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Dracaena reflexa shrub's flowers are small, clustered, usually white and extremely fragrant, appearing in mid-winter.

Fish Tail Fern - Plant

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The fish tail fern is a shade-loving plant. It is an excellent hanging basket plant and it does well outdoors too.

Areca Palm - Plant

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Areca palm is clump-growing with ringed, yellow leaf-ribs. The foliage is evergreen.

Ficus Elastica Robusta, Baby Rubber Plant (Green) - Plant

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It is an evergreen perennial growing to 25cm tall and broad, with cupped leathery leaves and narrow spikes of white flowers.

Tree Fern, Silver Lady Fern - Plant

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The many leaflets of each frond are shiny green and slightly drooping. There are several forms distinguished by having either narrower, wider or more pointed leaflets.

Grape Ivy - Plant

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Grape ivy, also known as oakleaf ivy, is the most widely grown species of Cissus. It has shiny, deep green leaves. The plant develops curling tendrils that cling to a stake or trellis.

About Top 10 air purifying house plants

Plants are natural air purifiers. Keeping plants at home makes them air purifying house plants. Plants intake carbon dioxide and release oxygen naturally in the process of photosynthesis. A study carried out by NASA suggest that plants also purify other toxins from air.

Peace lily, Snake Plant, Spider plant, Money plants are best air purifying house plants. In addition to above plants Areca palms, Dracena, Agalonema also makes good air purifying house plants. Air purifying house plants are easy to care plants and require low maintenance.

In the era of industrialisation and with increasing population you can not escape from the adverse effects of the pollution on your health. Keep air purifying house plants around you to stay healthy and keep your family healthy.

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