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Lohri Special Plants for Good Luck

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This pack contains the best 3 plants that you can keep at home along with 3 pots. Keeping plants at home is the best thing that you can gift to yourself.

Top 3 Herbs for Healthy Homes

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This pack contains 3 herb plants + 3 pots. Keep these herbs around you for clean air and stay healthy.

Top 5 Plants For Healthy Homes

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5 health benefits of this pack are: They give an assist in breathing, They help deter illness, They clean the air, They boost healing, They help you work better

Top 5 Shri Ganesh Laxmi Favorite Flowering Plants

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These plants come from nature and are offered to God as they love these flowers.

Top 5 Medicinal Herb Plants Pack

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A pack of 5 medicinal herbs. A perfect addition to provide medicinal garden touch to your existing garden.

5 Most Sacred Plants To Keep At Home

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These plants are considered holy and are used in worship rituals all over India. * This pack contains 5 plants.

Top 5 Plants Used In Pooja

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Most common sacred plants in all religion for god worship. * This pack contains 5 plants with 5 pots.

Top 5 Herbal Plants For Beauty

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Grow a beauty and skincare garden with these herbal plants. * This pack contains 5 plants with 5 pots.

Top 3 Medicinal Herbs

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Top 3 Medicinal Herbs, this pack contains 3 medicinally important herbs + 3 pots. Keep these plants in your garden to impart a medicinal garden look.

About Herbs

Herbs are generally herbaceous plants that are known for their aromatic properties and unique taste. herbs are used for culinary, medicinal and some times spiritual purposes. Herbs are used mostly for garnishing the food dishes or some may be to prepare extracts or herbal teas.

Most common example of herb is Tulsi plant found in Indian homes which is medicinally important. Herbs are important part of kitchen garden or terrace garden. Herbs can be used in dried or in green form which varies with type of herb. 

Common herbs include Basil, Chives, Thyme, Turmeric, Cannabis etc. Herbs have got very important position in traditional systems of medicines especially 'The Ayurveda' which is a indigenous medicinal system of India.


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