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Bignonia purpurea - Plant

Bignonia purpurea - Plant
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This is a woody climber, its stems almost round in cross-section, and marked by longitudinal stripes.
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Bignonia purpurea Plant

Description for Bignonia purpurea

Plant height: 3 - 6 inches
Plant spread:

The plant is a very spectacular flowering evergreen climber, up to about 6 m long.

This is a woody climber, its stems almost round in cross-section, and marked by longitudinal stripes. The ovate-elliptic leaves grow up to about 10 cm in length; they have 2 leaflets and a further 2 leaflet-like appendages at the base of the leaf stalk, plus a terminal leaflet that is often absent, or modified into a branched tendril. The leaves are smooth and leathery.

Common name(s): Bignonia Magnifica,Glow Vine, Purple Funnel Vine, Lasan Vel
Regional name:Marathi - Jambhla Bignonia
Flower colours: 4-flowered axillary or terminal cymes, large, showy, purplish-violet, mauve or light purple in colour.
Bloom time: Flowering and Fruiting Time : December-February
Max reacahble height: up to about 6 m long.
Difficulty to grow:: easy to grow

Planting and care

The crossvine climbing plant will also grow in partial shade, but the flower growth might be diminished. If you want to grow your own crossvines, you can do so from seeds or cuttings taken in July. When you plant, space the young plants 10 or 15 feet apart to give them room to mature.Jul 2, 2015

Sunlight: It does best in light shade.
Soil: well-drained soil
Water: Medium
Temperature: 35 and 40 degrees F
Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer

Caring for Bignonia purpurea

    Should be provided with supports to which it can cling by means of its branched tendrils.
    - It can also be grown as a shrub, flowers appear abudantly in the summer months.


Flowering and Fruiting Time : December-February

Typical uses of Bignonia purpurea

Special features: A vigorous, fast-growing cover for fences, arbors, walls, pillars, large trellises and other structures. Also may be grown along the ground.
Significance : Cultivated in the gardens for its beautiful large flowers of delicate mauve changing to rich crimson colour.

Culinary use: The fruit is a long flattened capsule containing 2-winged seeds. The plant may be propagated either from seeds or from cuttings.

Ornamental use: This vine has a dense dark green foliage which is very ornamental even when the plant is not in bloom.


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