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Parodia Leninghausii - Plant

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Note: The image is for reference purpose only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height etc.
Parodia leninghausii or the Yellow Tower Cactus is an interesting clustering cactus that has round columnar stems that are coated in yellow/light brown spines that are generally harmless.
Cactus & Succulents
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Description for Parodia Leninghausii

Species is appreciated because of the long harmless golden spines. The young plants are globular, then columnar up to 1m tall, 12 cm diameter and about 30 ribs. Old plants cluster from the base. Flowers are yellow, 5 cm diameter, at the top of the plants, but only if adult (at least 20 cm tall)

It produces very attractive, yellow, silky textured, funnel-shaped flowers in summer and is very popular even though it will take around five years to produce its first flowers. They start off having a spherical shape but become more columnar as they age and will naturally cluster from the base.

Good for xeriscape and gravel gardens but perhaps best suited to growing in containers where they can be brought indoors in winter. They can withstand a light frost providing they are kept dry, better to keep them protected over winter.

Common name Flower colours Bloom time Height Difficulty
Yellow Tower cactus, Golden Ball, Lemon Ball Bright Yellow Mid Spring, Late Summer/Early Fall 15 to 60 cm Easy to grow

Planting and care

In temperate climate, keep them outside in summer. In the wild and in winter, plant accepts frost at -4 degrees C if totally dry. In cultivation, it is preferable to keep cold temperature, but more than +2 degrees C.

Sunlight Soil Water Temperature Fertilizer
Full sun to partial shade Well-drained sandy soil Regular watering in summer and not at all in winter In temperate climate, keep them outside in summer. In the wild and in winter, plant accepts frost at -4 degrees C if totally dry. In cultivation, it is preferable to keep cold temperature, but more than +2 degrees C. Use any organic fertilizer.

Caring for Parodia Leninghausii

  • Do not over water.
  • Avoid complete shade.



Typical uses of Parodia Leninghausii

Special features: Low maintenance, Drought-tolerant

Culinary use: NA

Ornamental use: Cactus is used as an ornamental plant.

Medicinal use: NA


  • http://www.theplantlist.org/tpl1.1/record/tro-50180513
  • http://www.cactus-art.biz/schede/NOTOCACTUS/Notocactus_leninghausii/Notocactus_leninghausii/Notocactus_leninghausii.htm

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5 / 5 Manisha Sharma 12 June 2018
Very nice plant. Got delivered with very good condition. Gonna order one more
4 / 5 AMit Saraf 09 June 2018
Great plant, great case, great packaging. If you are planning to buy please go ahead.
5 / 5 Vishal Tejaswi 06 June 2018
I can see the love and care that goes into shipping my plants, thanks nurserylive.
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