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Elephant foot - Plant

Note: The image is for reference purpose only.
It is basically a “plant it and forget it” kind of plant, providing it has enough light to thrive and somewhat steady water throughout the growing season.
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Description for Elephant foot

Mature plants develop an unusual, swollen, bottle-like base (the storage organ that allows them to withstand very dry conditions) with several long, thin stems. The stems are topped by the crowns of pendulous strap-like leaves which give the plant one of its common names – the Ponytail Plant.
The plant is also referred to as the Elephant Foot Tree because of the swollen shape base, coupled with the greyish-brown colour and the wrinkled texture of the bark.

Common name Flower colours Bloom time Height Difficulty
Pony Tail Palm, Bottle Palm, Elephant’s Foot Tree, Ponytail Plant, Nolina Palm, Elephant Palm, Big Base Palm, Desert Pony Tail Palm, Nolina, Nolina Sole, Ponytail Nolina white August to September 2.00 to 3.00 feet easy to grow

Planting and care

Because of the weight of the trunk and leaves, it is best to use a soil-based potting mixture and a heavy pot.
Indoors, these novel little palms are often grown in shallow pots.

Sunlight Soil Water Temperature Fertilizer
Full sun to part shade well-drained soil medium 10°C (50°F) Apply any organic fertilizer

Caring for Elephant foot

    These plants seldom need repotting and seem to respond quite well to being pot-bound. Move them on to a larger pot size in spring only if they appear to have completely outgrown their current container. Otherwise, it should be sufficient simply to provide some top-dressing with fresh potting mixture.

Typical uses of Elephant foot

Special features: Perhaps best grown in native plant gardens, meadows and woodland gardens. Marginal ornamental attributes for perennial borders. Large lower leaves can form a nice ground cover if plants are massed.

Ornamental use: The plant is used for ornamental purpose

Medicinal use: Anti-tumor, Traditional medicine, Fever Asthma, to make tonics.


    http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/PlantFinder/PlantFinderDetails.aspx?kempercode=k190 http://www.plantsrescue.com/tag/elephants-foot-tree/

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5 / 5 pradeep 30 August 2017
Bit price is high but it s amazing plant, sun is not required only lighting is enough at any conditions even room light is enough for this plant.
5 / 5 Dilip Dhariwal 30 March 2017
Received in good condition. Liked them very much!
4 / 5 Priti Prasad 09 November 2016
Quick delivery, good price
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