Hyacinth Delft (Blue) - Bulbs

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Hyacinths bloom in early spring that fill the air with scent and drench the landscape in color.
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Description for Hyacinth Delft (Blue)

Delft Blue is truly a dazzler and is known to be one of the most fragrant Hyacinths available. A dense spike of fragrant florets surrounded by green sword-like foliage that should be planted along walkways to maximize your enjoyment.Hyacinths are hardy, deer resistant, very fragrant, and easy to grow in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade.

Common name(s): Common hyacinth, Garden hyacinth or Dutch hyacinth
Flower colours: Blue
Bloom time: Spring
Max reacahble height: 15 to 20 cm
Difficulty to grow:: Easy to grow

Planting and care


  • Plant hyacinth bulbs in early winter.
  • Plant the bulbs in well-drained, moderately fertile soil in full sun or partial shade.
  • Before planting, loosen the soil and add compost in the soil to increase its fertility.
  • Plant the bulbs 4 inches deep and a minimum of 3 inches apart.
  • Set the bulb in the hole with the pointy end up.
  • After planting cover the bulb with soil and water thoroughly.
  • For early flowering chill the hyacinth bulb before planting.
  • For chilling, place the bulbs in refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 degrees C for 10-13 weeks.
  • Do not to store any fruit in the refrigerator during chilling of bulb as ethylene gas given off by ripening fruit will damage the embryonic flowers inside the bulbs.


Sunlight: Full Sun to partial Shade
Soil: Well drained and fertile soil.
Water: Moderately
Temperature: 20 to 30 degrees C
Fertilizer: Apply organic fertilizer in the soil before planting the bulbs.

Caring for Hyacinth Delft

  • Protect container-grown plants from excessive winter moisture.
  • After plants are finished flowering in spring, cut back flower stalks but allow the leaves to die back naturally.
  • Hyacinth bulbs do not like to have wet feet, so make sure they are not watered too often. Too much moisture can cause root rot.
  • Wear gloves when planting, as bulb dust may cause a harmless skin irritation.


After plants are finished flowering in spring, cut back flower stalks but allow the leaves to die back naturally and then harvest the bulbs. Store the bulbs in dry and shady area.

Typical uses of Hyacinth Delft

Special features: Attractive and fragrant flowers.

Culinary use: NA

Ornamental use: Group or mass planted in beds, borders, rock gardens, long walks. Effectively mixes with other spring flowering bulbs.

Medicinal use: NA


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5 / 5 MOHD FAISAL 22 June 2017
Will you delier this to Delhi.
4 / 5 Ratna Jyoti Das Kalita 13 May 2017
Do this plant require special care to grow.
4 / 5 jaimin k 28 March 2017
Seeds for this plant are available with u?
5 / 5 Dheeraj Yadav 06 February 2017
I love this plant, these is really easy to grow and care plant.
5 / 5 Mitalli Bharati 15 January 2017
What pot size should I use for this plant.
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