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Eyebright is a semiparasitic plant meaning that it is nourished by the roots of other plants.
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Eyebright Plant

Description for Eyebright

Plant height: 3 - 6 inches
Plant spread:

Euphrasia is a genus of about 450 species of herbaceous flowering plants in the family Orobanchaceae, with a cosmopolitan distribution. They are semi-parasitic on grasses and other plants

Common name(s): Euphrasia tatarica,Meadow Eyebright.
Flower colours: white or purplish
Bloom time: July and September
Max reachable height: 4-8 inches (10-20 cm)
Difficulty to grow: easy to grow

Planting and care

Sow seeds in autumn to allow 90 days of chilling. Eyebright requires a period of chilling to break dormancy and trigger germination in spring. Alternatively, provide 90 days of artificial chilling by placing seeds in a moist growing medium in the refrigerator. Moisten several cups of commercial seed-starting mix, place in a plastic storage bag,

Eyebright can be found throughout North America, Europe, Northern and Western Asia. It prefers grassy areas and meadows. Eyebrights are found in alpine or sub-alpine meadows where snow is common.

Sunlight: Full Sun
Soil: well-drained soi
Water: medium
Temperature: 35 C
Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer

Caring for Eyebright

    Choose a grassy site that receives full sun. Eyebright grows naturally in sunny grasslands and meadows and draws nutrients from the roots of nearby plants. . The grass, however, should not be too thick and vigorous.

Typical uses of Eyebright

Special features: basic organic compounds, and a plant based volatile oil unique to the eyebright.

Culinary use:

Ornamental use: The plant is used for ornamental purpose

Medicinal use: mouth to treat swollen (inflamed) nasal passages, allergies, hay fever. This annual plant has been used as a folk medicine to treat eye inflammations and infections, coughs, and poor memory since the Middle Ages.


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