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Money Plant Marble Queen - Plant

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Money plant have unique place in houseplants grown indoors. It is common belief that having money plant at home brings wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. They are climbers by nature

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Top 4 Air Purifier Plants for India

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This pack contains 4 Plants + 4 Colorful pots + 4 Colorful plates + Pebbles. Let us make surrounding clean and breath healthy 'A Green Way'

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Top 3 Herbs for Healthy Homes

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This pack contains 3 herb plants + 3 pots. Keep these herbs around you for clean air and stay healthy.

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Top 3 Air Purifier Plants Pack

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Top 3 Air Purifier Plants Pack contains plants that are known for their air purifier ability. Breathe fresh air and stay healthy with these air purifier plants around you.

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Low Maintenance Table Top / Office Desk Plants

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These low maintenance plants will enliven your space. In addition to mood-boosting colors and textures, it has been proven that indoor plants provide additional health benefits.

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Best 4 plants to Kill Indoor Pollution

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This pack contains 4 air purifier plants along with 4 color pots and plates decorated with pebbles. Surround your home with these best pollution killer plants for clean and healthy environment.

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Monks Wishing Feng Shui Good Luck - Miniature Garden

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This pack contains 4 Potted Jade plants + 4 Cute Monks + Window Planter with Plate + Pebbles.
Get the good luck blessings of Monks with Jade plant for happy, healthy and prosperous life..

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Top 5 Plants For Healthy Homes

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5 health benefits of this pack are: They give an assist in breathing, They help deter illness, They clean the air, They boost healing, They help you work better

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