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Grape hyacinths are in the same family as hyacinths (Liliaceae), however, they belong to the Muscari genus.
Each hyacinth bulb produces a thick, upright flower stem, which carries a cluster of rounded flowers that resembles a bunch of grapes.

Grape hyacinth flowers are lightly fragrant and available in beautiful shades of lavender-blue to purple, plus pink and white varieties, too.
Surrounding the flower stems are narrow, arching leaves.

Common name: grape hyacinths, muscari armeniacum, grape hyacinth muscari
Color: flower colour varies from pale blue to a very dark blue
Height: These plants are smaller and only get about 6 to 8 inches high.
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care
Leaves will show up quickly. Just ignore them. Grape hyacinths send their leaves up out of the ground in the fall. This is strange because it’s just before winter comes and you would think they would not survive. Amazingly, they are very reliable every fall after the first year they grow.

Sunlight: Keep bulbs in a dark location during cold treatment. Cover pot with a box, pot or black garbage bag if necessary. After shoots appear, move to bright light as directed above.

Soil: Any good potting mix. Hyacinths can also be grown in water.

Water: Keep the soil evenly moist.

Temprature: Cool 40-65°F/4-18°C

Fertilizer: Not necessary

  • Forcing Grape Hyacinth Bulbs - Step by StepChoose a pot (at least 3 in/7 cm deep) with drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Fill the pot loosely with potting mix.
  • Set bulbs side by side , close but not touching, pointed end up.
  • Set bulbs so that their tips are even with pot rim.
  • Do not press the bulbs into the mix.
  • It should be loose so the roots can grow through it easily.
  • Cover with additional potting mix, leaving the tips exposed.
  • Water thoroughly and discard drainage.
  • Move pot to a dark, cool, but not freezing, (40°F/4°C) location such as a basement, unheated garage or refrigerator.
  • Avoid storing bulbs near ripening fruit or vegetables which give off ethylene gas which can damage the bulbs.
  • Keep them in cold storage for about 10 weeks.
  • Keep the medium barely moist.
  • When shoots reach about 2 in (5 cm) tall, bring the pot out of cold storage and place it in a slightly warmer (50°F/10°C) location with low light intensity.
  • Increase watering, keeping the soil evenly moist.
  • Over the next few days, gradually move it toward a sunny window.
  • Turn the pot every day for even growth.
  • When in full bloom, keep your grape hyacinth plant in a bright location out of direct sun to prolong the bloom.

  • Grape hyacinths don’t need a whole lot of care after they flower.
  • They do fine with natural rainfall and don’t need fertilizer.
  • Once their leaves die off, you can cut them back.
  • In the fall, new leaves will grow, which will remind you of the pretty grape hyacinth flower to look forward to come spring once more.


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