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Also known as Zephyr lily and fairy lily, growing rain lilies are petite, reaching no more than a foot in height and rarely getting that tall. Pink, yellow and white crocus-like flowers bloom from late spring through late summer, sometimes earlier during rainy seasons. Multiple flowers bloom on each stem.
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Description for Zephyranthes Candida (White)

They have papery white or (more rarely) pastel pink flowers, with thin evergreen foliage. They seem to come into bloom after rain has fallen, hence their common name, and several flushes of flowers can be expected if there a few periods of rain in late summer and autumn.

They may even flower earlier in summer if there is a lot of rain. They form thick clumps and can survive in quite dry positions, such as at the base of a hedge, but will also cope with more moist positions. It is best if they dry out in late summer as the time approaches for their flowering period. They can be fertilised whenever you are doing the rest of your garden.

They can be grown in a pot and do best with plenty of sun.

Common nameFlower coloursBloom timeHeightDifficulty
Zephyranthes Candida (White),vernacular name, English name, colloquial name, trivial name, trivial epit.WhiteFlowers in January, February, March, December.1 Feet Easy to grow

Planting and care

Full sun shineDrained soil
  • Fast-growing herbaceous plants require more attention to watering than woody plants
  • When possible, water in the morning to avoid promoting diseases from night watering
  • Water slowly and deeply when plants begin to wilt and do not perk up at night
  • Watering twice, a few minutes apart, helps water soak in deeper
  • Soaker hoses and trickle or "drip" irrigation are very efficient and water-conservative
  • Never overwater, or you may cause root problems
  • Mulches help reduce water evaporation in hot or dry weather
  • In dry climates, form a soil "ring" around plants to hold water longer
  • 20 to 40 degrees C
  • Mix as directed on container according to directions
  • Wet the leaves and drench soil
  • Repeat
  • Caring for Zephyranthes Candida

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