Fishtail Palm, Caryota Palms - Plant

fishtail palm, caryota palms - plant
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Fishtail palms are wonderful additions to any garden or living space. It can add a tropical island feel effortlessly. The leaves of the plant have jagged-edges that look like fins and fishtails, hence the name.
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Caryota palms are bipinnate palms, the only palms that have this sort of leaf anatomy. In other words these palms have the basic shape of a feather palm, only there are "side branches" off the main "branch" and all the leaflets come of these side branches. This more complex leaf arrangement makes for some of the most dramatic and beautiful of all the palm leaves. Each leaflet of a Caryota palm is somewhat triangular in shape, sort of the shape of a fish s tail. Hence the name fish-tail palm.

Common name: Fishtail palm.
Height: 6-8 metres.
Difficulty level: Easy but time consuming.

Planting & Care

Sunlight: These palms can thrive in full or partial sunlight making it possible for you to place them beside or near taller palms or trees. They are also an ideal indoor plant because of their ability to grow with only moderate sun exposure.

Soil: Any good soil mix that is well drained.

Water: If you re growing the Fishtail palm in a warmer climate, do not let the palm dry out as it will begin shedding leaves.

Temprature: It will withstand temperatures to 28 degrees F.

Fertilizer: Feed your fishtail once a month, use an all-purpose liquid fertilizer for palms. It is advisable to apply the fertilizer after watering in order to avoid root burn which could be a death sentence to a Fishtail.

  • To give this plant the best living conditions though, give it enough indirect sunlight exposure especially during the early morning and late afternoon.
  • If you re growing it as an indoor plant, occasionally take it outside for air, cleaning and sunlight.
  • The Fishtail also loves humidity.
  • Simulate humidity by misting the leaves with lukewarm water every day or use a humidifier.
  • Low humidity can cause the plant to yellow and slow down its growth.
  • For Fishtail palms however, very little pruning is required for their maintenance.
  • If you want to maintain their current height, cut the vertical stalks to just below the top fronds.

Ornamental use:
  • indoors; specimen; deck or patio; container or planter; screen

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