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Clivia Miniata, Kaffir lily - Plant

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Its flowers are red, orange or yellow, sometimes with a faint, but very sweet perfume.
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Description for Clivia Miniata, Kaffir lily

Clivias are herbaceous plants with long, slender green leaves. The flowers, which can be yellow, orange or red, grow as individual blooms on the tip of an umbel, which stands as a hardy stalk above the green foliage below. These flowers have a bell shape to them and make for beautiful additions to a flower arrangement. Clivias do not form bulbs, but they do produce berries as fruits.

It grows to a height of about 45 cm (18 in), and flowers are red, orange or yellow, sometimes with a faint, but very sweet perfume. It is sometimes known in cultivation as "Kaffir lily" (a term considered offensive in South Africa). The same name is also applied to the genus Hesperantha.It contains small amounts of lycorine, making it poisonous.

Common nameFlower coloursBloom timeHeightDifficulty
Fire Lily.Orange or Red.Flowers appear in late winter and last into spring. -Easy.

Planting and care

These plants do best as part-time outdoor plants, spending the summers outside in a shady spot with no direct sunlight. Bring them in during the winter rest period and keep in a lit but cool location.A standard potting mix should be fine.Suspend water during the winter and resume again in the late winter or early spring. With a minimum temperature of 10 C (50 F)During the growing season, fertilize every week with a weak liquid fertilizer. It also works to include controlled-release fertilizer pellets in the soil.

Caring for Clivia Miniata

    These plants are relatively heavy feeders and yellow, washed-out leaves and no offsets frequently mean the plant is underfertilized. To prolong flowering, remove older flower stalks by snipping them at the base near the leaves. Also, to keep your plant looking its best, occasionally wipe down or mist the leaves to prevent the collection of dust.

Typical uses of Clivia Miniata

Special features:

Ornamental use: These flowers have a bell shape to them and make for beautiful additions to a flower arrangement.

Medicinal use: The Clivia miniata has medicinal uses. In its natural state, it is used in its entirety, and is effective in treating pain, muscle stimulation, uterine stimulation and fever. Different parts of the plant are used for different applications.


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5 / 5 Joshi Prisy 30 August 2017
Plant received looks good. However, exact review can be given after the plant starts to grow.
2 / 5 Kopfo Kadena 25 July 2017
For the price the plant is really tiny. ...not matched the expectations
5 / 5 Ranjit Mohanty 05 July 2017
Nice packing & plants,like professional brand..
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