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Shahtoot, Mulberry, Tuti ( Big Leaves ) - Plant

shahtoot, mulberry, tuti ( big leaves ) - plant
Note: The image is for reference purpose only. See plant detail below
Large, sweet fruit ,Delicious eaten fresh but can also be sundried and eaten as a sweet. Medium sized, spreading tree with a weeping habit, excellent shade tree. Birds love them too so make sure you cover them if you don't want to share. You can also get multiple crops by pruning immediately after your first crop.
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Description for Shahtoot, Mulberry, Tuti ( Big Leaves )

The mulberry tree has a spreading habit and becomes crooked and gnarled with time, making an architectural feature.
It has attractive leaves and tasty fruit that are rarely found in the shops. Tolerant of a range of soils, mulberries can be grown against walls if space is limited.

Common nameFlower coloursBloom timeHeightDifficulty
Shahtoot, Mulberry, Tuti ( Big Leaves ),Morus,mulberries, paper mulberry,Morus alba,white mulberry,Morinda citrifola, Indian mulberry,Morinda tree , Aal,Aseti, Dhaula ,Mannanunai, Mannanatti, Mannappavitta, Maddi, Haladipavette, Achu, Pindra,Togar mughalai ,Paphanah .-Early autumn2-15 feet.Easy.

Planting and care

Plant mulberries in spring as the soil warms up.

Full sun. Soil with a pH range of 6.5 to 8.0Keep soil moist throughout the growing season,Hardy to –25 degrees F. Use any organic fertilizer

Caring for Shahtoot

  • Staking mulberry trees in the early years will prevent windrock, leading to good root development.
  • Shahtoot is easy to establish and maintain.
  • No sprays are needed since there are no known pests or diseases which attack the leaves or fruit, other than fruit eating birds.
  • Shahtoot responds to applied water and nutrients with rapid growth yet survives minimum care conditions equally well.
  • To obtain maximum branching on young trees it is preferrable to pinch out the terminal growth tips between thumb and forefinger when branches reach 1/2 to 1m length.
  • Shahtoot can be pruned during winter dormancy with each lateralcut by approximately half.
  • This also facilitates branching and maintains Shahtoot to a manageable size.

Typical uses of Shahtoot

Special features:

Culinary use: It produces tasty berries which can be collected and eaten, in addition to the leaves which are used for tea. Mulberries are also made into pies, tarts, jellies, syrups, marmalade, juice and wine. They can be dried and used as a snack, or in puddings or oatmeal cookies and muffins.


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