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Savory - Plant

savory - plant
Note: The image is for reference purpose only. See plant detail below
Satureja montana
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Lemon Savory is a low growing shrubby herb. Stems are ascending-erect, unbranched, slender, 10-30 cm, hairless, velvety or hairy. Leaves are narrowly to broadly ovate, thickish-textured, entire, pointed, 5-10 mm long, 3-5 mm broad, with a prominently thickened marginal vein extending all round the leaf. Leaves are gland-dotted below, stalkless or almost so

Common name: Satureja montana
Color: Purpl
Bloom time: June to August
Height: 0.50 to 1.00 feet
Difficulty level: easy to grow

Planting & Care
Plant seeds outdoors right after the last frost has past. Plant seeds 3 to 5 inches apart and about an 1/8 of an inch down in the soil.. Allow plants to grow to a height of 6 inches before you start to harvest leaves for cooking.

Sunlight: Full sun to part shade

Soil: well-drained soil

Water: Medium

Temprature: 86°F (30°C)

Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer

  • Plant lavender in full sun and well-drained soil (add organic matter to improve heavy soils).
  • Water plants deeply but infrequently, when the soil is almost dry.

  • Prune in early spring or at harvest time.
  • For low-growing varieties, trim back foliage 1 to 2 inches.
  • Starting in a plant s second year, all 3- to 4-foot lavenders should be cut back by about a third to keep the plant from getting overly woody

Special Feature:
The leaves and stems of the sage plant also contain antioxidant enzymes.
Medicinal use:
  • Savory has aromatic and carminative properties, and though chiefly used as a culinary herb,

Ornamental use:
  • rnamental value that can be useful in rock gardens or border fronts.

No serious insect or disease problems.

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