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Pendula Ashok - 0.5 Kg Seeds

Common names are Ashok tree, Asoka tree, Buddha tree, Mast tree, Sorrowless tree, Telegraph pole tree, Black berry lily.

Difference Between all tree varieties of Ashoka Tree:

Saraca asoca, Sita Ashok (Height approx.) -- 10 to 15 (Provide good shade as well)

Polyathia Longifolia, Ashok (Height approx.) -- 40 to 50 feet (Straight Tall), and Longifolia = long + folia = long + leaves

Pendula Ashok (Height approx.)-- 20 to 25 feet (Straight Tall)

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This curious-looking landscape tree from India and Sri Lanka grows slowly to between 10 and 18 m (30 and 60 ft) tall. It has short branches that hug a straight, slim trunk, resulting in a narrow conical shape not usually seen in tropical trees. There is also a narrow pyramidal-shaped variety, var. pendula, with branches that droop to give a weeping effect. The bark is greyish and smooth.

The leaves are long and narrow, with wavy margins and are dark glossy green. They remain on the tree in all seasons in a dense arrangement, cloaking and almost completely hiding the trunk in lush greenery from near the bottom to the top of the tree.

For a brief period in spring, masses of pale yellow-green, star-shaped flowers bloom amid the leaves. They are followed by coffee-berry-like fruit with a single seed, ripening to dark purple or near black from summer to autumn.

Common name: Ashoka Tree, Cemetery tree, Indian fir, Mast tree
Color: green-white
Bloom time: Spring flowering
Height: 10 to 15 meters
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care

Sunlight: It performs best on sites with full to partial sun exposure.

Soil: ordinary soil, enriched soil, mildly acidic to mildly alkaline.

Water: Annual rainfall of 800 to 2400 mm, accompanied by a dry season of 5 months or less.

Temprature: Average annual low temperatures of 17 to 25 °C, average annual high temperatures of 26 to 34 °C.

Special Feature:
Use: It is widely cultivated as a street tree in India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia for its unusual, compact form and lush, green foliage. When closely spaced it forms a tall hedge useful for privacy screening, shade or as a windbreak.The small diameter trunk produces a yellow- to grey-white wood of medium-weight, averaging out at around 590 kilograms per cubic meter, but with low natural resistance to rot and decay. It is reportedly only suitable for making light articles such as matches and pencils, though it is also crafted into musical drums in parts of its native range.


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