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Gloxinia ( Mix Colors ) - 4 Bulbs - buy 1 get 1 free

The pack contains Gloxinia ( Mix Colors ) - (4 bulbs set)
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Did you know that gloxinia can be grown as house plants? True! Gloxinia are fabulous gift plants AND can be spectacular house plants if you give them proper care.

A few years ago, a gloxinia flowering houseplant (Sinningia speciosa) was considered a perennial. The plants would bloom and then die back. After a period of dormancy, the plant would regrow, delighting its owner with a fresh flush of big, velvety flowers.

Today’s gloxinias are hybrids that are bred to quickly produce a large number of blossoms. These gloxinias produce an outstanding display for about two months, but once the flowers fade, the plant rarely comes back because it invests all its energy into flowers rather than sturdy roots. Therefore, these plants are best grown as annuals, and since they are discarded after the bloom cycle, gloxinia flower care focuses on keeping the plant looking fresh while it is in bloom.

Common name: Gloxinia
Color: Their color-range is white to pink to red to blue to purple.
Height: They grow 15 to 30 cm (6 to 12 inches) in height.
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care
Gloxinia plants can grow quite large – a mature plant can have up to two dozen or more very large blooms (3″ or larger) open at one time creating a fantastic display. Gloxinia can be grown in natural light or on lighted plant stands, and come in a wide variety of colors and flower shapes: single or double flowers with plain or ruffled petals, solid colors, edged flowers, bicolors.

Gloxinia can be easily grown from seed which is often easier for beginners than mastering the art of propagation by tuber or leaf.

Sunlight: Gloxinia require very bright, indirect light in order to bloom and do not like intense, direct sunlight.

Soil: Gloxinias grow best in a soil mixture of 50-percent organic matter, such as peat moss, which is available at most garden centers and nurseries.

Water: Water gloxinias often enough to keep the soil moist. The leaves develop brown spots if they get wet, so apply the water directly to the soil under the leaves. If allowed to dry out, gloxinias go dormant.

Temprature: Growing gloxinia houseplants thrive in average room temperatures of between 60-75 F. (16-24 C.).

Fertilizer: Use a high-phosphorus liquid plant food every two weeks on your flowering gloxinia houseplant.

  • Gloxinias on display in the garden center are lovely and well worth the price, but frugal growers may want to try their hand at growing them from seeds.
  • The roots are tender and the plant is not easy to transplant to a larger container when it is young, so start the seeds in a 4- to 6- inch pot where it can grow to full size.
  • Fill the pot to about 1 1/2 inches from the top with African violet potting soil.
  • Sift an additional 1/2 inch of soil through a screen into the top of the pot so that the tender roots won’t have any difficulty pushing through the soil when the seeds germinate.
  • Moisten the soil and press the seeds gently onto the surface.
  • They need light to germinate, so don’t bury them.
  • Place the pot in a plastic bag and seal the top to keep the soil moist and the air humid.
  • The seeds will germinate in three or four days.
  • At that time, open the top of the bag, and remove it completely after a week.
  • Mist the soil when the surface feels dry.

  • When growing gloxinia houseplants as annuals, they don’t need repotting.
  • If you pot up the plant in a decorative container or need to replace some of the soil because of accidental spillage, use an African violet potting soil.
  • Gloxinia prefer higher humidity than African violets or Streptocarpus, and many growers find that they must supplement the humidity in their grow rooms with pebble trays or a humidifier in order to grow Gloxinia successfully year-round.


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4 / 5 Challa Sharath 28 August 2017
Very good loocking plant.
5 / 5 Sona John 03 June 2017
I want to buy this plant.
4 / 5 Parashar Borkar 23 May 2017
After how many days it will flower.
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