Furcraea Gigantea - Plant

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Note: The image is for reference purpose. Actual plant height will be 0.5 to 3ft.
Furcraea gigantea is a plant in the Furcraea genus with a scientific name of Furcraea gigantea.
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Agave like plant with yellow and green variegated leaves. A spectacular agave like plant with yellow and green variegated leaves. Very structural and a focal point in the garden. In Zone 10 gardens it will grow to 6 wide, but in a pot it will remain in control. Can be used as a house plant in winter if kept on the dry side. Thrives in heat and humidity.

Common name: Furcraea, Giant False Agave.
Color: White
Bloom time: Summer
Height: Up to 6 feet.
Difficulty level: Easy to grow.

Planting & Care
Does well in containers as well as the ground. Plant can grow up to 250 cms across and 250 cms tall. - Better the soil - more the growth. Plants can grow in small containers and poor soil. You will get what you give! - Can be planted singly, in groups or rows. - Look good when left un-pruned or with the bottom leaves cut off. See photograph above of three plants whose bottom leaves have been trimmed.

Sunlight: Sun, Part Shade

Soil: Average, Well-Drained, Rich

Water: Low, Drought Tolerant

Temprature: Can survive temperatures as low as -7 to -4 °C.

Fertilizer: Furcraea will take either a controlled-release fertilizer at the beginning of the season or weekly fertilization with a weak liquid solution. Mature Furcraea need a 20-20-20 fertilizer at ¼ strength, while younger ones need one with less nitrogen.

  • Growing F.
  • foetida is as simple a matter as keeping its soil drained and making sure it receives an adequate amount of sunlight.
  • These plants are drought-resistant and need to be watered only infrequently—in the wild, they often grow on rocks or cliffs—and they prefer full sun.
  • If you’re growing them in pots rather than your garden, make sure the soil stays fairly dry and repot if necessary.
  • Because these grow fairly large, make sure to use a big enough pot to support its root system—the Furcraea foetida’s roots can extend three to four feet outward.
  • When repotting, make sure the soil is dry first, then remove the plant gently from its pot.
  • Knock away old soil and any dead roots before repotting the plant and filling it with potting soil, making sure to keep its roots widely spread.
  • After repotting, give the F.
  • foetida about a week before watering again, to avoid rotting its roots.

Ornamental use:
  • Good for Hedges and Borders Suitable for road median planting Suitable for avenue planting Salt or salinity tolerant Good on seaside

http://www.indiaplants.com/plant-details.php?x=WAHjNUc3YeE= http://plantlust.com/plants/furcraea-gigantea-variegata/ http://houseplants.about.com/od/indoor-plants/fl/Furcraea-foetidamdashGrowing-Mauritius-Hemp.htm
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