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Growing hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) in the garden is the goal of many gardeners who remember these impressive flowers from their youth. The flower stalks on hollyhocks can reach heights of 9 feet tall! They can tower above a garden, adding a lovely vertical element to your yard. Let’s look at a few tips on hollyhocks to help you grow them in your yard.

Common name: hollyhocks
Color: white, light-pink, magenta and burgundy
Bloom time: Summer. A few varieties will bloom well into Fall.
Height: Some varieties grow 2 -3 , while others grow as high as 6 feet.
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care

Sunlight: Hollyhock like full sun to partial shade

Soil: Hollyhock likes rich, well drained soil.

Water: Water as needed to keep the soil moist at all times.

Fertilizer: Adding a general purpose fertilizer once a month will result in bigger, fuller blooms.

  • Sow hollyhock seeds outdoors just beneath the surface of the soil 1-2 weeks before last frost.
  • Seeds will germinate in 10-14 days.
  • Thin to 18-36 inches apart after seedlings have sprouted.
  • Water as needed during dry conditions to keep flowers blooming.
  • Adding an organic flower fertilizer every few weeks will result in bigger, bolder blooms.
  • When flowers fade, cut stalks to the ground.
  • Plant Propagation:Hollyhock are often started from seed.
  • You can sow Hollyhock seeds directly into your flower garden.
  • We recommend that you start them indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost, and they may bloom the first year.
  • In the garden, they need plenty of room.
  • Final spacing should be 18-24".
  • Give them plenty of room to allow air circulation and minimize rust and other disease.
  • Established Hollyhock plants can be separated by division.
  • This is best done in the fall to allow the replants time to grow good roots in their new location before winter.
  • Days to Germination: Varies, 7 - 25, depending upon variety.

  • After the growing season is over, Hollyhock should be cut back to ground level.
  • To assure that the plant doesn’t get killed out completely, cover the area with mulch, in case the winter is real harsh.
  • Insect and Disease: Insects problems are not too common and can be treated with insecticides and insecticidal soaps.
  • Rust disease is a common problem.
  • We recommend you apply fungicides regularly.


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