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Bottle Gourd F1 Rama - Seeds ( buy1get1free )

Bottle gourd is annual climbing growing vegetable.
1 packet contains Bottle Gourd- 3gm seeds.

Kitchen Garden (Indian) Seeds
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Description for Bottle Gourd F1 Rama

The bottle gourd belongs to the cucumber family and originated in Africa. This vegetable comes in different shapes, the most common being the bottle-shaped (hence the name) and round.

The sizes vary from six inches in length to more than six feet. It grows fast and may begin to flower only 2 months after seeding.

Common name Flower colours Bloom time Height Difficulty
Bottle gourd, lauki, doodhi, and ghiya White Summer Height: 10 to 12 feet Spread: 12 feet Easy to grow

Planting and care

The bottle gourd is a vigorous, annual, running or climbing vine with large leaves and a lush appearance. It grows fast and may begin to flower only 2 months after seeding. The vine is branched and climbs by means of tendrils along the stem.

Choose a location that is sunny and has good drainage. Place an inch of composted manure on top of the bed and work it into the soil. Plant seeds 2 feet apart from each other in rows 5 feet apart. If you are not next to a fence install a trellis or arbor immediately after planting, so you do not disturb growing roots. Water the soil completely immediately after planting. Keep the seeds moist for the first 2 weeks.

Sunlight Soil Water Temperature Fertilizer
Full sun Sandy loamy soils rich in organic matter with good drainage and the pH ranges from 6.5 to 7.5 is suited for bottle gourd cultivation. Medium. Irrigate the field before dibbling the seeds and thereafter once a week. This crop requires a moderately warm temperature. 24 to 27 degrees C Apply a side dressing of 3 lbs. of 10-10-10 fertilizer per 100 square feet of garden when the vines start to run. Water the fertilizer into the ground well.

Caring for Bottle Gourd F1 Rama

  • Weeding can be done by hoeing as and when necessary.
  • Fruit rot during rainy season can be checked by training the plants over the bamboo stick or dried branches.
  • Beetles, fruit flies, and caterpillars can be controlled by spraying Malathion. or Dimethoate. or Methyl demeton.


Fruits are harvested at tender stage and before 100 % maturity.

Typical uses of Bottle Gourd F1 Rama

Special features: Fruits

Culinary use:

  • In Chinese cuisine, it is frequently used in soups or in stir fries.
  • In India, doodhi can be combined with dal and spices to make Doodhi Kootu. It can also be stir fried with onion, garlic and tomatoes to make asemi dry subzi that will go well with phulkas.

    Ornamental use: NA

    Medicinal use: It contains a great nutrition.

  • References

    • http://myecobin.in/18/how-to-grow-bottle-gourd
    • http://www.greenwalls.in/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=656

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    5 / 5 mamta saini 31 January 2018
    Very nice information
    5 / 5 Rameshwar Jagdale 07 September 2017
    Extremely happy with the nurserylive service and the seed. Profusely flowering waiting for brinjal to grow. Very good germination of seeds.
    5 / 5 Vrushali Nerkar 04 September 2017
    Is this available in other color varieties also.
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