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Bush Allamanda (Yellow) - Plant

bush allamanda (yellow) - plant
Note: The image is for reference purpose only. See plant detail below
Also Known as Allamanda cathartica, Golden Trumpet Bush, Buttercup Flower, Golden Bell. Bengali - Harkakra, Kannada - Arasinhu, Malayalam - Kolaambi, Telugu - Allenandatheega, Marathi - Pivlee Ghunti, Hindi - Pilaghanti.
The Allamanda plant, commonly known as the Golden Trumpet or the Yellow Allamanda, is a twining, shrubby vine known for its brightly colored, funnel- or trumpet-shaped flowers and thick foliage
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As shrub Allamanda grows very thick and get covered with yellow bell shaped 3 – 4 inches long blooms in growing season . Although it doesn t have tendrils to climb but provided support can grow as vine too.
Color: Yellow.
Bloom time: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Height: 4-6 ft.
Difficulty level: Easy.

Planting & Care
Allamanda is a bushy nature plant, large sized container is preferable as the plant gets heavy with the time. You may need to repot it every year. Regardless of size , make sure container has drainage holes at bottom to ensure smooth drainage of water. Put stone or brick pieces on the holes.

Sunlight: Full sun to Partial shade.

Soil: Soil pH 7.6 to 7.8 (mildly alkaline).

Water: Requires consistently moist soil. Do not let dry out between waterings.

Temprature: These tender plants will not withstand temperatures below 25 degrees F.

Fertilizer: Feed the plant with liquid fertilizer in growing season and cut it down to once a month in winter.


  • Allamanda grows very rapidly and needs pruning due to its bushy nature.
  • Also pruning increases air circulation in plant required for good growth.


Need to take precaution while growing Allamanda indoors as it is poisonous to humans. It whitish sap ( produced on cut) proved to be allergic and purgative.

http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/169608/#b http://designgreenindia.com/2013/09/best-tips-for-growing-allamanda-at-home/

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