Thalia Dealbata - Plant

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Note: The image is for reference purpose. Actual plant height will be 0.5 to 3ft.
Light applications of a complete fertilizer will improve
growth throughout the growing season, but care should be
taken to prevent fertilizer movement into the ground
water. In a constructed wetland, the levels of nutrients
applied in the sewage may be sufficient to maintain
acceptable growth.
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Powdery thalia is a rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial with a bluish, glaucous coating on leaves, flower stalks, and flowers.

The planting hole should allow for the length of the rhizome and should be deep enough for one inch of soil to cover the top of the rhizome. Water levels should be kept at about 1-2 inches until the plants become established and should never be allowed to cover the entire shoot of non-dormant plants.

In a constructed wetland, sewageeffluent should not be introduced into the water until the plants become established. Although seedlings rarely establish naturally in most wetland situations, seedlingscan be produced easily indoors. Seed collection should be delayed until the majority of the fruit in the cluster has turned brown, because immature fruit will fall from the cluster along with ripe ones when the cluster is shaken toremove the fruit.

It is not necessary to remove the fruit coverings before sowing, but this is easily done by rubbing. The seed can be stored dry, but should be placed in a moist medium and stored in the refrigerator for three months before sowing. The growing medium must bekept moist, but not saturated and air temperatures should be at least 75°F. The seedlings can be planted in the wetland when they are approximately one foot tall.

Common nameFlower coloursBloom timeHeightDifficulty
Powdery alligator-flag.Purple.Late Summer/Early Fall.4-6 ft.Easy.

Planting and care

Sun to Partial Shade.fertile, loamy, humus-rich soil in up to 15cm of water.remains above the water level.-10 - 35 degrees FRegularly use a fertilizer rich in nitrogen every 15-20 days.


  • As perennials establish, it is important to prune them back and thin them out occasionally.
  • This will prevent them from completely taking over an area to the exclusion of other plants, and also will increase air circulation thereby reducing the incidence of diseases like botrytis and powdery mildew.

Special uses

Special features:

Ornamental use: The plant has been grown as an aquatic ornamental because of the pretty violet flowers. Water garden, Bog or pond area.


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