Buy 9.6 inch (24 cm) Round Plastic Plate for 10 inch (25 cm) Grower Pots (Orange) (set of 3) online from Nurserylive at lowest price.
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The bottom plate reduces the risk of damage/staining of the floor through water, by collecting excess, drained water from a pot.

Can be used to collect drained water, from10 inch Grower Round Plastic Pot of approximate size 25 x 18 x 21 (Upper Diameter X Lower Diameter X Height) in cms.Any round pot having lower diameter 18cms or less than 18cms.


Self Watering No
Height 1.2 inch (3 cm)
Diameter (upper) 9.6 inch (24.5 cm)
Diameter (lower) 8 inch (20.3 cm)


Product Type Plate
Each unit contains 1 Plate
Color Orange
Size Matt Finish
Shape Round
Product Material Plastic


Indoor, Outdoor


All types of pots of related size and shape.


Avoid damage of plant roots and disease-causing/harmful organisms by keeping it dry and clean.Wipe it with soft and dry cloth and handle with firm hands.

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