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  • Get Air plant along with decorative pebbles in a glass vase.
  • Air plants have the ability to reduce dust and increased humidity levels.
  • Air plant do not require soil for nutrients, they take most of its nutrients from the air.
  • They look like artificial plants, due to their elegance and beauty can be used to decorate an empty space.
  • Initial care once the plant reaches your place:
  • Mist your plant immediately as they reach home.

  • Care Instructions
  • Keep in bright indirect sunlight.
  • Provided the atmosphere should not too dry.

  • Watering
  • They can survive with water misting.
  • Use mist twice to thrice a week in summer and once a fortnight in cooler weather.
  • Run them under a bit of water if they appear to be particularly dry.
  • Combo constituents

    SrNoItem nameQty
    1Air Plant, Tillandsia ionantha Guatemala (Medium) - Plant1
    Marble Chips Pebbles (Mix Color, Small, Polished) - 500 g1
    2.5 inch (6 cm) Apple Shape Terrarium Glass Vase (5.1 inch (13 cm) Height)1

    Special Feature

  • No need of soil and fertilizer.
  • Best plant for AC rooms.
  • Low maintenance plant.
  • Unique indoor house plant.
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