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Winter Special

Vegetable seed balls kit for kids learning (Make 50 balls)

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This pack contains Spinach seeds and seed ball matrix enough to prepare 50 seed balls

Top 5 vegetable and herb seeds to sow in Winter

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Top 5 vegetable and herb seeds to sow in Winter contains best vegetable and herb seeds that you can sow in Winter season. Enhance the healthy stock in your garden with this perfect kitchen garden pack.

Top 5 Wow Winter Vegetable Seeds (Hybrid) - Kitchen Garden Pack

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This garden kit contains Top 5 Wow Winter Vegetables Seeds + 5 pots (7 inches) + Nutrient rich ready to use soil.

Top 5 Flowering Seeds to Sow in Winter

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Top 5 Flowering Seeds to Sow in Winter contains 5 Seeds packet + Soil + Pots. Sow beautiful winter season flowers for an attractive and fresh look to your garden.

Top 3 Hanging Basket Plants

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A pack of three plants with hanging baskets (1 Money plant marble prince + 1 Money plant golden + Nephrolepis ). Designed to add some greenery to your room or balcony.

Winter special top 4 air purifier plants pack

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The pack contains 4 plants + 4 pots + 4 plates + 200 gm white pebbles. We are offering 500 packs to customers on a first come first serve basis.

Vinca with 2 money plants in hanging basket

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Bright Vinca flower colors with 2 shades of money plant will make you feel fresh.

Top 5 Winter Special flowering Plants

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A perfect combo of 5 winter special flowering plants. Specially designed to add contrast to your garden.let the nature shade beauty through flowering in your garden.

About Winter Special

A plant that will germinate in autumn and remain throughout winter is winter special plant increasing the essence and beauty of that particular area. In the winter, plants rest and live off stored food until spring. As plants grow, they shed older leaves and grow new ones. They have special leaves resistant to cold and moisture loss. Winter is like a special season giving heart touching beauty to nature.

These winter special plants gave the overwhelming beauty by their flowers make winter more special for people. These winter special plants give a fantastic look in planters as well as hanging baskets like Money plant, Boston fern, Peppermint. Some flowering plants like Bougainvillea, Canna, and Rangoon creeper also give the heart taking beauty to your house.

In order to appreciate the beauty of snowfall it is important to stand out in cold in the same way if you want to enjoy winter it is very important to bring these soul blossoming home.These plant bring a perfect color contrast to your home or garden display and let nature shade their beauty in your garden or home.


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