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Top 6 Succulent

top 6 succulent
The pack contains 6 exotic, easy to care succulent plants to make your desk stand out from the rest in an attractive manner.
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Why we created this pack ?

  • This pack contains Top 6 Succulents
  • Cacti require a small space, little water, and minimum attention
  • They are quite extensively cultivated not only for the rare beautiful flowers but also for economic purposes
  • Growing in curious and unexpected forms, , Succulents bear both tubular or rotate flowers
  • They do grow in the wid but are now also protected in conservatories and nurseries

This pack contains the following items

  • Senecio Serpens -...

  • Coleus Coerulesce...

  • Peperomia Orba - ...

  • Kalanchoe Flapjac...

  • Haworthia Cymbifo...

  • Corpuscularia Leh...

  • 3inch Grower Roun...
Name Price Quantity  
Senecio Serpens - Plant 234 1 See details
Coleus Coerulescens - Plant 234 1 See details
Peperomia Orba - Plant 234 1 See details
Kalanchoe Flapjack, Poplet - Plant 234 1 See details
Haworthia Cymbiformis, Hawerthia star - Plant 269 1 See details
Corpuscularia Lehmannii - Plant 234 1 See details
3inch Grower Round Plastic Pot ( Mix Color ) With Plate - Pack of Six 212 1 See details

Benefits of this pack

  • Extremely ungainly, they flourish in arid conditions where no plant will survive.
  • Succulent inside, their thick coats and nettles ensure predators cannot get to the sap inside, sap the plants literally collect in drops off the moisture in the air.
  • They are economically useful, and their flowers are magnificent.
  • Succulents are thought worthy of breeding due to their unusual shape.
  • It helps them obtain food; while the thick coats help to retain moisture and vitality for many weeks.
  • These are low maintenance & longer lasting desert charm, which one must have in their house.
  • Succulents are prickly, and pleasing.
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