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Top 4 stress relieving plants pack

Top 4 stress relieving plants pack
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This pack contains 4 stress reliever plants + 4 Pots + 4 Plates + Pebbles

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Description for Top 4 stress relieving plants pack

Stress is a Silent Killer. all of us have faced stress and anxiety at some point of time in life and some have gone through those long-lasting depressions in extreme cases. Most people spend a large part of their lifespan in offices. The stress levels are increasing in the workplace due to job uncertainty, target completion etc. moreover increasing anxiety in personal life makes the situation worse; this has led to the surge in the number of people suffering from depression.

Nearly half the employees in India suffer from some kind of stress, according to the findings of the latest survey by Optum. Another survey, conducted by 1to1help.net, showed that the proportion of workers at high risk of suicide due to unmanaged stress has grown to 8% of all counseling cases in 2018 from 2-4% two years ago.

Many studies find workload is the main cause of stress in the workplace. Even though many employers try to help their employees, self-attention is something that would help the one most. There are many ways to manage stress including lifestyle changes. However, Keeping plants around you is the best treatment for stress and anxiety, studies say. Many studies have confirmed that nature in cities can play a major role in achieving a healthy society.A long-lasting and deep impact on health, including on depression and anxiety symptoms can be achieved by daily contact with nature.

How can you connect with Nature in a concrete jungle? the simple answer is bringing greenery around you. This may be as simple as keeping plants on your office desk. Yes!! studies have revealed that keeping plants on work desk helps to reduce stress levels at work, it also helps to increase concentration at work.

More the time you spend with plants more the stress levels drop. It is said that poor quality indoor air can lead to health problems. Urbanization is also leading to increasing “lifestyle diseases”. Estimates say that between 415 and 350 million people presently suffer from diabetes and depression respectively.

Plants are the natural air purifiers which help to reduce toxic levels of air pollution. Plants are also the best companions to help you fight anxiety and stress along with generating positive energy around you thereby boosting happiness. A happy mind is always a healthy mind and a healthy mind is a basis for healthy you.

After all as WHO puts it, health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Plants surely help you achieve that. Keep the healthy green plants around you to forget anxiety, forget depression and live a cheerful stress-free life!!

This pack contains the following items

Name Price Quantity  
Super Marble Pebbles (Small, White) - 100Gm 27 1 Details
Peperomia Obtusifolia Variegated (Small) - Plant 249 1 Details
Money plant golden, Scindapsus golden (Small) - Plant 299 1 Details
Danilla grass - Plant 249 1 Details
Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum (Small) - Plant 249 1 Details
Round Plastic Plate, Tray for 4inch Pots (SKy Blue) 32 1 Details
4inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Orange) 37 1 Details
4inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Sky Blue) 37 1 Details
Round Plastic Plate, Tray for 4inch Pots (Violet) 32 1 Details
4inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Dark Pink) 37 1 Details
Round Plastic Plate, Tray for 4inch Pots (Dark Pink) 32 1 Details
4inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Violet) 37 1 Details
Round Plastic Plate, Tray for 4inch Pots (Orange) 32 1 Details

Benefits of this pack

  • You get 4 green stress reliever plants along with pots, plates and pebbles in single pack.
  • These plants are easy to care and maintain.
  • They are also perfect to keep on working tables or desks.

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