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Plants Packs for Festivals n Occasions

Symbol of Purity on Republic Day Plants Pack

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This pack contains 3 Vinca plants + 3 colorful pots + 3 colorful plates + pebbles. Let us celebrate the Sovereignty, Fraternity and unity of Nation with Sadabahar (Forever Green) plants.

Lohri Special Plants for Good Luck

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This pack contains the best 3 plants that you can keep at home along with 3 pots. Keeping plants at home is the best thing that you can gift to yourself.

Unity in Diversity - Independence Day Pack

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This pack contains 3 plants + 3 coloured pots with plates + decorative pebbles.

Tricolor republic day pack (Mini)

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Tricolor republic day pack contains 3 plants + 3 pots + 3 plates + pebbles. Color of pots used in this pack matches with color of Indian flag; a humble gesture to symbolize unity in a green way.

Republic Day Tri-Color Plants Pack

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Tricolor plant pack for Republic day is the best thing to feel and experience.

Independence Day Tricolor Plants Pack

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This pack contains 3 plants + 3 pots + 3 plates + Pebbles. Gifting beautiful plants to family and friends on Independence Day will give them a greater appreciation for the beauties of nature.

Top 5 Shri Ganesh Laxmi Favorite Flowering Plants

91 Sold in 30 days
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These plants come from nature and are offered to God as they love these flowers.

Top 5 Shri Ganesh Favourite Plants

17 Sold in 30 days
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This pack contains the plants that are used in Ganesh Puja and considered as holy plants. Let these plants bring positive energy into your life this Ganesh Utsav.

Green Independence Day Pack

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This pack contains 4 plants + 4 colored pots with plates.

Top 5 Makar Sankranti Special Plants Pack

4 Sold in 30 days
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This pack is Special for Makar Sankranti festival. This pack contains best 5 plants that you can keep at home along with 5 pots.

Top 5 Janmashtami Special Plants Pack

7 Sold in 30 days
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This pack contains the plants that are used in Janmashtami Puja. Let these plants bring positive energy into your life this Janmashtami Utsav.

Happy Holi Colorful Plants Pack

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This pack contains 6 flowering plants + 6 colorful pots + 6 colorful plates.
Enlighten the colorful spirit of the Holi festival, gift your loved ones special treat with these unique flowering plants that will spread colored beauty year round.

5 Planet Earth Saver Plant Pack

2 Sold in 30 days
243040% Off

Make your Mother Earth proud by bringing home these easy grow plants and conserve your species.

Best 5 Auspicious Flowering Plants for Durga Puja

46 Sold in 30 days
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Most common sacred flowering plants in all religion for god worship. This pack contains 5 best Flowering Plants + 5 Pots.

Celebrate Navratri with 9 Colors

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These flowers used for Durga Puja. These flowering plants possess a unique aroma or fragrance.

About Plants Packs for Festivals n Occasions

We have been worshipping plants since time immemorial and this is done as a matter of gratitude because we know that life cannot exist without plants. Plants and their product are parts of our rituals and different festivals and occasions. Plants and trees are considered dear to the gods and planting plants is considered as a ritual of worship.

We provide plants and plant packs for different festivals and occasions. You will get different plants in a single pack for different festivals. These plants are very easy to grow and care, and produce beautiful flowers and foliage and also bring wealth and health.

Plants in these packs produce oxygen and purify the air. The greenery of plants will give the fresh lookout. These plants will grow well with minimum care. These plant packs can be gifted on different festival and occasion to your loved ones to make them feel special.


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