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Plant furnishing pack for office

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Luck and money spinning plant for office decor

The pack of air purifier 3 money plant and attractive shape … 12673 0 newly launched
Price: 1140
Special gift Inside

Table palms for office decoration

The pack of 2 table palm with the attractive shape of the … 12686 6 newly launched
Price: 1518
Special gift Inside

Zero maintenance ZZ plant for office

The pack for an office contains two zero maintenance ZZ … 12688 3 newly launched
Price: 1638
Special gift Inside

Oxygen giving plants for office

Oxygen giving plants for the office pack contains two Snake … 12685 0 newly launched
Price: 1885
Special gift Inside

Easy to care Snake plant for office space

The pack of office contains easy to care Snake plant with … 12672 1 newly launched
Price: 2284
Special gift Inside

Amazing Pandanus plants for office premises

The pack for an office contains amazing 4 Pandanus plants … 12636 2 newly launched
Price: 3584
Special gift Inside

Airpurifier Areca palm for office corner

The pack for an office contains Airpurifier Areca palm for … 12617 0 newly launched
Price: 4932
Special gift Inside

Vibrant Lady Palm for office

The pack for an office contains vibrant Lady Palm with an … 12687 0 newly launched
Price: 5379
Special gift Inside
Dieffenbachia Mary - Plant

Office decoration with foliage plant

Office decoration with foliage plant pack contains the 3 … 11834 0  No stock
Price: 3267
Special gift Inside

Office decoration with Cycas plant

The pack for Office contains Cycas plant with a 15.8inch … 12676 0  No stock
Price: 8535
Special gift Inside

Results 1 - 10 of 10
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