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Monsoon Special

Peacock flower (Pack of 20) - Seed balls

87 Sold in 30 days
+ Gift

This pack contains 20 ready to use seed balls of Peacock flower tree seeds.

Peela Gulmohar (Pack of 20) - Seed balls

76 Sold in 30 days
+ Gift

The pack contains 20 seed balls of flowering tree Peela Gulmohar.

African Tulip tree (Pack of 20) - Seed balls

42 Sold in 30 days
+ Gift

The pack contains 20 ready to use seed balls of African Tulip tree.

Kids easy gardening, Dianthus (Pack of 20) - Seed balls

104 Sold in 30 days
+ Gift

This kids easy gardening pack contains 20 seed balls of Dianthus plant. Let the kids learn gardening interesting way.

Easy gardening, Vinca (Pack of 20) - Seed balls

10 Sold in 30 days
+ Gift

This pack contains 20 ready to use seed balls of Vinca flower plant seeds.

Flowering seed ball kit (Make 50 seed balls)

60 Sold in 30 days
27830% Off

This pack contains Vinca flowering seeds and seed ball matrix enough to prepare 50 seed balls.

Vegetable seed balls kit for kids learning (Make 50 balls)

51 Sold in 30 days
27830% Off

This pack contains Spinach seeds and seed ball matrix enough to prepare 50 seed balls

Top 5 vegetable and herb seeds (Hybrid) to sow in Monsoon

newly launched
134930% Off

A perfect combo of 5 (3 vegetable + 2 herb )different seeds. Stay healthy this monsoon with this pack.

Top 5 Monsoon flowering seeds

1 Sold in 30 days
137930% Off

A pack of 5 flowering seeds to sow this monsoon. Seeds are perfect to enjoy gardening experiencing.

Top 5 Medicinal Herb Plants Pack

newly launched
168040% Off

A pack of 5 medicinal herbs. A perfect addition to provide medicinal garden touch to your existing garden.

Top 3 Hanging Basket Plants

126 Sold in 30 days
169730% Off

A pack of three plants with hanging baskets (1 Money plant marble prince + 1 Money plant golden + Nephrolepis ). Designed to add some greenery to your room or balcony.

Top 5 Monsoon Special Plants

933 Sold in 30 days
181040% Off

Monsoon is the best time for gardening as this is the time when you don not need to put much effort for the growth of the plants and blooming of the flowers.

Top 5 Monsoon Special flowering Plants

113 Sold in 30 days
198040% Off

A perfect combo of 5 monsoon special flowering plants. Specially designed to add contrast to your garden.

Top 5 Jasmine Flowering Plants

1656 Sold in 30 days
208040% Off

These plants make great for decorating walkways and sidewalks in gardens and parks. Jasmine plants brighten up the balcony and make the surrounding environment seem friendlier.

Top 5 Mosquito Repellent Plants

636 Sold in 30 days
+ Gift

Grow your own pest control and never buy bug spray again! You can control the mosquitoes & fly in a natural way.

Top 5 Monsoon special foliage Plants

82 Sold in 30 days
211040% Off

An attractive pack of 5 most beautiful foliage plants. A perfect addition that will fortify beauty of your garden this monsoon.

4 Money plants in hanging baskets

41 Sold in 30 days
234630% Off

Four different money plants in a single pack. All set to boost freshness and greenery of your garden

Delightful Plants in Pots and Hanging Baskets for Home Garden

30 Sold in 30 days
301640% Off

Pack of six plants (2 Money plants + 2 Lantanas + 2 Syngoniums). Perfect to transform your balcony into a beautiful garden.

Vinca with 2 money plants in hanging basket

13 Sold in 30 days
149730% Off  Out of Stock

Bright Vinca flower colors with 2 shades of money plant will make you feel fresh.

About Monsoon Special

Monsoon season brings cool showers after a long dry summer in India and those showers spread greenery on globe. Monsoon special plants and plants packs are developed for the purpose of fulfilling demands of garden lovers who wish to enjoy easy gardening in an interesting way.

Monsoon season is perfect for growing plants using seed balls, just throw them on a patch of dirt or put them in a pot. The monsoon season will take care of it. There are many plants that will be flowering in monsoon season and this mesmerizing beauty will surely gain attention of its visitors.

Monsoon special plants also include many climbers, vegetables and herbs to impart all in one look to any home garden. Mosquito repellent plants pack will make your garden insect free. Plants in this category take care of your garden requirements according to wonderful monsoon season.

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