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Good Luck Plants Packs

Table Top / Office Desk Plants For Gift

215 Sold in 30 days
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Gifting office plants to colleagues or loved ones is the perfect way to show you care for them.

Best 3 Table top / Office Desk Plants to Bring Prosperity

165 Sold in 30 days
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Best 3 plants to bring prosperity amazing 3 foliage plant with 2 Pots + 2 Plates + Pebbles.

Lucky Money Attracting / Feng Shui Table Top / Office Desk Plants

1228 Sold in 30 days
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The plants are commonly used in Feng Shui and also believed to bring good luck to the grower.

Mini money plant garden

263 Sold in 30 days
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This evergreen mini money plant garden is the best option for your indoor or partial sunlight garden.

Set of 4 Goodluck Plants

72 Sold in 30 days
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The pack contains set of 4 goood luck plants + 4 pots + 4 Plates + Pebbles. According to popular belief these plants will bring good luck, love & prosperity in your life.

Top 5 Plants to Bring Goodluck

65 Sold in 30 days
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This beautiful plant pack has vibrant green leaves symbolic of growth and renewal, closely resembling, creativity symbolic of wealth and prosperity.

5 Most Sacred Plants To Keep At Home

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These plants are considered holy and are used in worship rituals all over India. * This pack contains 5 plants.

Top 5 Feng Shui Plants

1931 Sold in 30 days
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Feng shui plants are great addition to the look and feel of your home. They bring life to an otherwise plain or stale environment.

Top 5 Plants to Attract Money

1856 Sold in 30 days
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There are lots of beautiful, affordable indoor plants available that are said to have powerful effects in helping people prosper. Whether it be money, luck or health.

Top 5 Vastu Shastra Plants

2301 Sold in 30 days
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Placing live Vastu Shastra plants in your home and office helps balance the flow of positive energy.

Top 5 Plants Used In Pooja

14 Sold in 30 days
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Most common sacred plants in all religion for god worship. * This pack contains 5 plants with 5 pots.

Express Love with these 5 plants

84 Sold in 30 days
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The fragrance of this pack is to have sedative effects that produce a feeling of love, confidence, and euphoria. It revitalizes and restores energy. One of the most popular pack sold. They are admired by all sections of the society. It also works as a tonic

About Good Luck Plants Packs

The selection of plants is dependent on the aesthetics and outlook you want to create within your home. Of course, there is the issue of size and maintenance. One would definitely not want to see a plant wither away or die as that would create a sense of negativity. Greenery within the household not only adds purity to the air but also wealth, health and love.

Some people also take plants as their good luck charm. This good luck plant pack consist of plant like money plant, lucky bamboo, Scindapsus are some plants you can gift to the people you are close with as a good luck charm to them. The money plant, apart from bringing good luck and money also harmonies the human existence with the surroundings.

The Chinese call the Lucky Bamboo as Fu Gwey Zhu with three symbols that signify Fu– Luck and Fortune, Gwey – Power and Honour and Zhu– Bamboo. These home friendly plants can help you make your contribution into saving the ecological balance whilst also bringing you a generous dose of fortune.


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