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Birthday Gifts

Peace Lily for Wonderful Day - Gift Plant

299 Sold in 30 days
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Peace Lily is a very popular indoor houseplant. It is a clump-growing herbaceous perennial which produces creamy white flowers which look like the hood of a cobra.

Eco friendly Syngonium Variegated - Gift Plant

10 Sold in 30 days
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Gift plant contains the amazing Syngonium plant which potted in eco-friendly coir pot.

Birthday special money plant

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Birthday special money plant contains money plant and birthday flag, decorated with marble pebbles.

Awesome Aglaonema Butterfly Manis - Gift Plant

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Aglaonema Butterfly Manis gift plant is potted in an attractive pot and decorates with ribbon. This plant is a fabulous houseplant.

Birthday Special Syngonium Cream Allusion in Ceramic Pot

7 Sold in 30 days
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Syngonium plant which potted in a ceramic pot and decor with pebbles and Birthday flag.

Birthday wishes with Ixora plant and card

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Birthday wishes with Ixora plant pack contain Ixora plant and birthday flag, decorated with marble pebbles.

Royal Red Rose - Gift Plant

22 Sold in 30 days
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The gift contains rose plant which decorates with an attractive non-woven paper and ribbon.

Bring Luck and Money for Him

16 Sold in 30 days
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Bring luck and money from the plant contains charming and decorated money plant with Buddha idol.

Chlorophytum in Hanging Basket - Gift Plant

1 Sold in 30 days
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Handsome strappy green leaves with contrasting yellow stripes will brighten the garden year-round.

Wish a Joyful Birthday with Aglaonema Butterfly Manis in Ceramic Pot

13 Sold in 30 days
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Aglaonema Butterfly Manis gift plant is potted in an attractive ceramic pot. It is specially designed for Birthday wishes.

Ornamental Pomegranate - Gift Plant

4 Sold in 30 days
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Ornamental Pomegranate is an eye-catching, extremely long-lived plant that produces striking red flowers.

Green Money Plant for Good Luck in Polka Cup- Gift Plant

26 Sold in 30 days
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Money Plant is symbolizing to bring long-lasting friendship, due to its heart-shaped leaves. So, it a precise gift to your special one.

Prosperity wishes from monks and plant - Miniature Garden

172 Sold in 30 days
77215% Off

Prosperity wishes from monks and plant pack have Ixora plant with lovely monks. You congrats on success to your besties.

Aglaonema Butterfly Manis - Gift Plant

2 Sold in 30 days
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Aglaonema Butterfly Manis gift plant is potted in an attractive pot. This plant is a fabulous houseplant.

Top 5 Plants For Healthy Homes

43 Sold in 30 days
154940% Off

5 health benefits of this pack are: They give an assist in breathing, They help deter illness, They clean the air, They boost healing, They help you work better

Best 4 Hanging Basket Garden

51 Sold in 30 days
169630% Off

This pack contains 4 plants in 4 hanging baskets. Hanging basket brings unmatched beauty to your garden.

Best Indoor Survivals with Smiley - Gift Plant

1 Sold in 30 days
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This single pack contains 3 indoor potted plants, Money Plant, Snake Plant, and Syngonium variegated with a Square Metal Herb Chalk Board Planter and a Smiley flag.

Top 5 Oxygen Bomb Plants Pack

574 Sold in 30 days
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If you and anyone from your family want to breathe fresh air, cleaner air in their homes, this 5 plants pack purify the air around and get maximum oxygen.

Bless Your Love with Money Plant and Ganesha

newly launched
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Money plant is one of the popular houseplants. Gifts are for special ones, let the green gifts make your love happy. Gift your Love this Money Plant in a pot with a Ganesha Idol on special occasions.

Blooming Dianthus Pair for You- Gift Plant

69 Sold in 30 days
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Get these 2 dianthus gift plants along with attractive planter.

Million hearts for someone special - Miniature Garden

60 Sold in 30 days
95815% Off  Out of Stock

You can bring happiness to your love with gifting Millions of hearts for someone special pack. The pack of decorative Million hearts plant with a charming couple.

About Birthday Gifts

Plants as Birthday Gifts are the perfect way to celebrate a special day. Give the gift that keeps on giving with a potted birthday plant. A beautiful and lasting birthday gift for her or him.So, make your loved ones birthday extra special by sending plants as birthday gift instead of cut flowers.

When celebrating the time you've spent with your beloved, would you rather give a bouquet that will wither and die in just a few short days, or a potted plant that will last much longer.Gifting a plant can blend traditional and innovative gift-giving into a timeless expression of love.

Gifting plant as a birthday gift is the latest trend and for good reasons. Plants not only help clean the air in your space, but they help providing a relaxing atmosphere, whether at work or home. They bring life and greenery into your décor, especially if you personalize it with a decorative pot. And, of course, many have lovely scents that will act as a natural deodorizer for your space.


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