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Gifts for Brother / Sister

Symbol of Good Luck 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo

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Lovely Syngonium Plant in Jute Wrap

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Air Purifier Money Plant with Jute Wrap

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Prosperous Money Plant In Ceramic Pot

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Beautiful Peace lily with a Gift Wrap

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Cute ZZ Plant for Sweet Sister

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2 Layer Lucky Bamboo for Pretty Sister

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Lovely Aglaonema for Loving Sister

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Beautiful Sansevieria for Brothers Love

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Best Plants for Best Sister Ever

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Set of 2 Good Luck Plants for Brother

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Good Luck Bicycle - Gift Plant

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Chocolate Basket with Money Plant

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Box of Sweets with Air Purifier Plants

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About Gifts for Brother / Sister

Your beloved siblings are your partner-in-crime with whom you share all your secrets and have witnessed the best moments of life. Be it their birthday, anniversary or Graduation Day, leave no stone unturned to make them smile through our fabulous gifts for siblings. Our delightful range of gift plants will help convey your unconditional love towards them in the most beautiful manner.

Gifting plants is a new trend. Plants make a perfect gift as they are eco-friendly and have lots of health benefits. We provide lots of gift plants and packs with beautiful and adorable pots and accessories. They will definitely make your loved siblings feel special, they will always remember you while enjoying the beauty of these plant.

Plants give the various day to day benefits to us like reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity, reduce levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide, and reduce airborne dust levels and keeping air temperatures down.


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