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Diwali Gifts

Air Purifier Plants in Ceramic Pots - Gift Pack

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The single gift pack contains 1 air purifier plants with Ceramic pot, Pebbles, a smiley stick & a goody bag.

Air Purifying Green Money Plant for Clean Diwali - Gift Plant

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Money plants are evergreen climbers plant. This gift contains money plant with a pot with 2 Designer Diya.

Lucky Jade Plant- Gift Plant

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Jade plant is a perfect present for friends. The green leaves signify energy and the joy of friendship. So, a jade plant is a wonderful gift to your dear ones.

Brighten Your Day with Peace Lily in Ceramic Pot - Gift Plant

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Peace Lily is a very popular indoor houseplant, which produces creamy white flowers which look like the hood of a cobra. It is potted in the ceramic pot.

Sansevieria trifasciata Hahnii, Snake Plant in Ceramic Pot - Gift Plant

30 Sold in 30 days
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Snake Plant is potted in the attractive Ceramic Pot. This plant is an air purifier so, it one of the best gift to your dearest.

Good Luck Bicycle with Jade Plant - Gift Plant

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This Gift Plant contains the Bicycle with Jade Plant. You may be familiar with this old saying. It is especially lucky to keep a jade plant by the entrance if you want to welcome money into the home.

Best 4 plants to Kill Indoor Pollution

2240 Sold in 30 days
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This pack contains 4 air purifier plants along with 4 color pots and plates decorated with pebbles. Surround your home with these best pollution killer plants for clean and healthy environment.

Top 5 Shri Ganesh Laxmi Favorite Flowering Plants

72 Sold in 30 days
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These plants come from nature and are offered to God as they love these flowers.

Best Indoor Air Purifiers - Gift Plant

newly launched
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This single pack contains tree plants, Syngonium wendlandi, Syngonium variegated, Peace Lily with a red square metal planter.

Air Purifier Green Wall for Indoor Space

6 Sold in 30 days
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This plant pack is specially designed ready to use green solution to urban gardening within a limited space. This pack contains 12 Peace lily + 6 Chlorophytum plants + 18 vertical garden pots + 6 frames.

About Diwali Gifts

Gifting crackers and sweets on Diwali has become old. This diwali gift your loved ones beautiful plants from our Diwali Special Plants Pack. With the plants you will also get beautiful pots, toys and addons. Select different plants from Diwali Special Plants Pack for decorating your home also.

Air pollution increases on the time of diwali by crackers, so it is also our responsible to protect our environment from this. So be environmentally responsible and leave a lasting impression on this Diwali by buying and gifting plants from our Diwali Special Plants Pack and make this diwali eco friendly.

Some of the plants from Diwali Special Plants Pack like Peace lily, Money plant, Snake plant and Rubber plant also have air purifying effect; they will help you to keep you and your loved ones healthy and stress free by cleaning the surrounding air.


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