If you are facing problem in selecting plants which should be grown as a beginner then we are here to help you, we are providing top 10 plants for each category of plants. This will help you to start your gardening easily without any guidance and prior knowledge of gardening.

In this top 10 category we selected top 10 plants for each category which you can grow indoor as well as outdoor very easily as they are easy to care and maintain. We bring Top 10 Indoor Drought Resistant, Top 10 Annual Plants, Top 10 Aromatic / Fragrant Plants, Top 10 Cactus and Succulents and more.

You will get different benefits in every top 10 category. Like in top 10 plants you will get beautiful suggestions about the plants which you can grow easily and in pots or in your garden and can get their benefits easily. Plants are always having been part of our culture and religion so we are offering different plants pack for different festival also.