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1 packet contains Cavolo Nero Kale - 40 seeds.
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About Kale Cavolo Nero

Cavolo Nero is a leafy type of cabbage that doesn't form round, compact heads, but rather resembles palm fronds, with very dark green, almost black, leaves that can be up to a yard (a meter) long, have pronounced ribs, and whose surfaces have a distinctive ruffled appearance.

It grows best in the spring and fall and can tolerate fall frosts.

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Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet50
Common Name Klacinato kale, Dinosaur kale, Black-leaf kale, and Tuscan kale
Height 24-30 inches
Flower Colour Yellow
Bloom Time Winter
Difficulty Level Easy to grow.

Planting and care

  • Apart from keeping the soil well hoed and weeded you should remove any discolored lower leaves from the plant to improve the air-flow through the crop and thus minimize pests (aphids) and diseases (molds)
  • Kale will thrive in any moderately fertile soil with good drainage, organic matter, and a pH range of 5
  • 5-6
  • It needs regular, even watering to avoid bitterness
  • Kale grows best in cool climates and may survive winter
  • Start seeds indoors 6 weeks before the last frost or seed directly as soon as the soil can be worked
  • Plant mid-July for fall harvests

Kale Cavolo Nero care

  • It can easily be propagated by seeds
  • You can plant kale at any time, from early spring to early summer
  • If you plant kale late in the summer, you can harvest it from fall until the ground freezes in winter
  • Plant the seeds half inch deep into well-drained, light soil
  • After about 2 weeks, thin the seedlings so that they are spaced 8 to 12 inches apart
Sunlight Full sun to partial shade.
Watering Moderately.
Soil Well-drained sandy soil.
Temperature 15-35 degree C
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer.
Harvest Season Throughout the winter.

Kale Cavolo Nero uses

Medicinal Use:

  • Kale has nutritional value and health benefits

Culinary Use:

  • Cavolo nero is incredibly versatile and can be boiled, stir-fried, steamed or massaged in dressing and eaten raw

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall do kale cavolo nero grow?

On average kale cavolo nero grows 24-30 inches

What color are kale cavolo nero ?

A kale cavolo nero plant bears flowers of color Yellow

How hard is kale cavolo nero to grow?

A kale cavolo nero is Easy to grow.

How much sunlight does a kale cavolo nero need?

A kale cavolo nero prefers Full sun to partial shade.

How much water does a kale cavolo nero need?

A kale cavolo nero prefers watering Moderately.

What kind of soil does a kale cavolo nero need?

Well-drained sandy soil.

What temperature does a kale cavolo nero like?

15-35 degree C

How should I fertilize my kale cavolo nero ?

Apply any organic fertilizer.


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Nishi Saxena

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Seeds germinated fast, in 1 week. Thanks.

Raj Choubey

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Excellent results

Amrik Singh Lakhyan

Friday, 18 October 2019

Can be grown in pot??


Thursday, 17 October 2019

Very good service. High quality product.

Anita Srivastava

Saturday, 05 October 2019

Seeds germinated fast, in 1 week. Thanks.

Nitin Mulik

Wednesday, 02 October 2019

Very fast germination just on the third day from seeding. Happy with that but has to update the review later based on the yield. If it gives yield just as shown in the picture it will be excellent. Le

Kashi Wasi

Monday, 24 September 2018

Good seeds - derived good rate of germination - yet to grow to form heads

Rekha Verma

Thursday, 22 June 2017

I have this plant in different flower colour variety.

Arun Jose

Thursday, 08 June 2017

Can be grown in pot??

Joshi Prisy

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Nicely packed. Have tried some of the seeds and they germinated quite well - would recommend to all

koushik sarkar

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Very Good Quality Seeds

Joshi Prisy

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Can we grow it like a climber on the gates?


Sunday, 25 December 2016

almost all seeds did sprout but growth is slow

Yunish Subba Limbu

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Seeds are Ok .. germination took about 25 Days ..

Ratna Jyoti Das Kalita

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