Lucky n Sacred Plant Seeds

It is indicated in the ancient scriptures that worship of the trees is indeed an Indian practice. Because worshipping trees, plants and other elements were always revered and several rituals were connected to the. Lucky and sacred plant seeds produces plants like Krishna tulsi, mango which are taken as lucky and scared from many years.

Plants and trees beautify the house and its surroundings. They are also believed to bring prosperity and good luck to the house. Some plants and trees that are said to absorb negative energies and bring good fortune to a house. Money plant increases oxygen inflow and purifies the polluted indoor air.

Basil is considered as a holy plant. Women undergoing menstrual cycle should stay away from basil plant as they emit harmful radiation. Banana plant is a sacred plant for the Hindus. It is believed that Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi stay in the roots of this plant so it is worshiped by a number of people in India.