Seeds by Placement

Growing plants from seeds is very easy. You can easily grow them in your garden and in pot or container. We provide a number of seeds for different location and uses. These can be grown in hanging baskets, or as ground cover, fence, hedge and border. These seeds will transform a dull place into a beautiful location.

If you are seeking a solution for a problem area, seeds for ground covers can get the job done without making you compromise on display value. A good ground cover is one that requires the least maintenance, yet does not look uncultured or weedy.

Fencing is essential in a house, it provide both security and privacy to the people living in the house. If you find the concept of an artificial fencing boring, then you should try to seeds for fencing. Your garden fence could be both green and alive.

A hanging basket is a suspended container used for growing decorative plants. Typically they are hung from buildings, where garden space is at a premium, and from street furniture for environmental enhancement. Seeds for hanging baskets don’t require much space or attendance, other than the occasional watering.