Easy Home Gardening - (35 Seeds Pack)

This pack contains 35 packets of different, easy to grow at home vegetable + flower seeds. Grow them at your kitchen, balcony, terrace or in the garden. Seeds gardening is a real gardening experience.
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  • You get 35 seeds packets in a single pack.
  • This pack contains easy to grow vegetable + Flower seeds.
  • You can easily grow these seeds in containers, pots.

    Combo constituents

    SrNoItem nameQty
    1France Beans Selection 9 - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    2Choulai Green Edible, Amaranthus Green Edible - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    3Spinach Kantewali - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    4Vinca Rosea Pink - Desi Flower Seeds1
    5Cauliflower Super Snowball - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    6Bitter Gourd Faizabadi - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    7Knol Khol White - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    8Radish Pusa Chetki - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    9Amaranthus Cadatus Red - Desi Flower Seeds1
    10Bottle Gourd Pusa Komal - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    11Lettuce Ice Berg Salista - Vegetable Seeds1
    12Cauliflower Snowball 16 - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    13Gomphrena Purple - Desi Flower Seeds1
    14Balsam Single - Desi Flower Seeds1
    15Cockscomb Mixed Color - Desi Flower Seeds1
    16Phlox Beauty Mixed Color - Flower Seeds1
    17Broccoli Green Imported - Vegetable Seeds1
    18Verbena Quartz Mixed Color - Flower Seeds1
    19Celosia plumosa Red - Desi Flower Seeds1
    20Brinjal Purple Round - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    21Brinjal F1 Purple Long - Vegetable Seeds1
    22Petunia Ultra Star - Flower Seeds1
    23Bottle Gourd G2 - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    24Capsicum Green - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    25Zinnia Yellow Tall - Desi Flower Seeds1
    26Zinnia Tall Mixed Color - Desi Flower Seeds1
    27Carnation Giant Chabaud Mixed Color - Flower Seeds1
    28Thyme, Thymus vulgaris - Herb Seeds1
    29Cucumber Gherkin - Vegetable Seeds1
    30Onion NP 53 - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    31France Beans Containder - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    32Tomato Ped - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    33Cabbage Poi - Desi Vegetable Seeds1
    34Marigold Mixed Color, Tagetes erecta Mixed Color - Desi Flower Seeds1
    35Radish Japani white - Desi Vegetable Seeds1

    Special Feature

    Gardening is one of the most famous hobbies today. Gardening is a way to relax and revive from stress, anxiety or depression. Gardening gives a feeling of satisfaction especially if you are growing plants from seeds. You can see your work getting fruits which you can actually enjoy in your dishes.
    Growing plants from seed is an art as well as a science. Just enjoy different methods of seed sowing and grow vegetables and flowers in your own best way.

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    Naveen M

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