Wishbone Flower is an erect, bushy annual with toothed ovate leaves and trumpet shaped flowers.


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Torenia (Violet) Plant
6 inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

Description for Torenia (Violet)

Plant height: 5 - 8 inches (12 - 21 cm)
Plant spread:

Although sometimes classified as a warm weather annual, this species of Torenia is not terribly fond of hot and humid summer weather. Most varieties have purplish-blue flowers with a yellow throat. True to its name, Torenia displays two short wishbone-shaped curved stamens.

Annual best grown in consistently moist, organically rich, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade. Although sometimes classified as a warm weather annual, this species ofTorenia is not terribly fond of hot and humid summer weather.

As long as properly sited and watered, it will generally bloom from early/mid summer to frost. Start seed indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date or sow seed directly in the garden just before last frost date. Plants are often available from nurseries in cell/six packs. Set out seedlings or purchased plants 1-2 weeks after last frost date. Young plants may be pinched to promote compact, bushier growth. Container plants may be brought indoors for winter bloom.

Common name(s): Wishbone flower
Flower colours: Violet
Bloom time: Throughout the summer and autumn
Max reachable height: 1 to 3 feet
Difficulty to grow: Easy to grow

Planting and care

Planting indoors in pots or outdoors in the ground.

Sunlight: Make sure that the plants will receive sunlight each day.
Soil: Well-drained and moist soil
Water: Water them regularly, especially in hot weather, but do not overdo it.
Temperature: They can handle cooler temperatures
Fertilizer: Using a balance 10-10-10 NPK fertilizer, fertilize Torenia plants once every month. Make sure to follow the directions and dosage properly.

Caring for Torenia

  • Once your Torenia plants reached about 8 cm high, pinch back the growing tip of the stem to encourage branching.
  • This extra care will give you bushy, compact and healthy-looking plants.
  • Removing spent bloom heads or deadheading is not really necessary to improve the appearance of your Torenia plants.

Typical uses of Torenia

Special features: Good for Containers

Ornamental use: The plant is used for an ornamental purpose for its beautiful flowers.


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