Hemp dogbane (Apocynum cannabinum), is a herbaceous perennial plant.


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About Hemp dogbane

Initially, this plant develops an erect central stem with opposite leaves during the late spring, but during early to mid-summer it branches abundantly. The stems are light green to red, terete, glabrous, and sometimes glaucous. At intervals along these stems, there are pairs of opposite leaves.

These leaves are long and about one-third as much across; they are broadly elliptic to broadly elliptic-oblong in shape and smooth (entire) along with their margins. Each small flower is about 2-3 mm. across and 3-5 mm. long, consisting of 5 white petals.

Plant Specifications

*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%
Common Name Common Dogbane, Hemp dogbane, Indian hemp
Maximum Reachable Height 3-6 ft
Flower Colour White
Bloom Time May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Difficulty Level Easy to grow

Planting and care

  • Dig a hole 2 to 3 times as deep as the bulbs are high and set the bulb in the hole pointy side up. Fill the hole with soil and tamp gently.
  • Start with pruning shears for smaller growth.
  • Use loppers, which look like giant, long-handled shears, for growth that is more than half an inch thick.
  • A small pruning saw is handy, as it cuts on both the push and the pull.

    Hemp dogbane care

    The preference is full sun and wets to mesic conditions. This weedy plant adapts to mildly acidic to alkaline soil containing loam, clay-loam, or clay-gravel. It readily tolerates flooded conditions during the spring, while tolerating drought later in the year. By late summer, the lower leaves of this plant turn yellow and begin to fall off as its condition steadily deteriorates. In moist open areas, clonal colonies can spread aggressively by underground rhizomes.

    Sunlight Full Sun to Partial Shade
    Watering High
    Soil Well-drained soil
    Temperature 25 degrees C to 30 degrees
    Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer

    Hemp dogbane special feature

    A perennial with opposite leaves that secrete a milky sap when broken, reaching 3-6 ft in height. Found throughout the United States.

    Hemp dogbane uses

    Ornamental Use:

    • The plant is used for an ornamental purpose

    Medicinal Use:

    • This plant, dogbane, differs from its close relative Indian Hemp (A
    • cannabinum) in that its leaves are mostly sessile (stalkless), and the flowers are both in leaf axils and terminal
    • Another plant is also called bitterroot (Lewisia rediviva) was commonly eaten by the Native Americans in Montana

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is another name for a Hemp dogbane ?

    Hemp dogbane is commonly known as Common Dogbane, Hemp dogbane, Indian hemp

    How tall do Hemp dogbane grow?

    On average Hemp dogbane grows 3-6 ft

    What color are Hemp dogbane ?

    A Hemp dogbane plant bears flowers of color White

    When Hemp dogbane blooms?

    With enough light, Hemp dogbane may produce White flowers in May, Jun, Jul, Aug

    How hard is Hemp dogbane to grow?

    A Hemp dogbane is Easy to grow

    How much sunlight does a Hemp dogbane need?

    A Hemp dogbane prefers Full Sun to Partial Shade

    How much water does a Hemp dogbane need?

    A Hemp dogbane prefers watering High

    What kind of soil does a Hemp dogbane need?

    A Hemp dogbane prefers Well-drained soil

    What temperature does a Hemp dogbane like?

    A Hemp dogbane prefers 25 degrees C to 30 degrees

    How often should I fertilize my Hemp dogbane ?

    To encourage Hemp dogbane growth, Apply any organic fertilizer


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