Planters by Material

Selecting the correct planter is important for both style and function, as the material used will affect a plant container’s durability, versatility, care needs, and design possibilities. From our Planter by material category you can choose typical materials offered in high-end planters.

Planter act as much more than homes for greenery and blooms: they’re an important part of any design scheme. Planters act as anchors of style, either quietly blending in or offering a pop of contrast. A planter can add as much character and style as art, furnishings, and other pieces of decor.

Whether you are decorating a hotel, restaurant, office, Public Park, or other commercial space, or house we have planters that will serve you well. Planter by material consist Ceramic Planters, Fiberglass Planters, Metal Planters, Plastic, Planters, Coir Planters, and Tyre Planters.