Planter Plates

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We provide planters plates of best quality with the planters. These planter plates are designed to catch water that flows out the bottom of your pot. Without a planter plate, water can flow through the soil in your container and out the bottom drainage holes, leaking onto your planter shelf, table, flooring, patio or deck. This can stain and ruin these items.

The water usually brings a small amount of dirt with it, so it's not clean and clear. The drainage plate reduces the risk of water damage and staining by keeping the water directly under the pot and off the surface below. These plates are easy to remove are the best for drainage.

These planter plates hold the water too close to the soil, which sometimes defeats the purpose of allowing drainage. If you see water in the plate after watering your plant, remove the plate and dump the water outside as standing water can be wicked back into the soil and saturate the roots. Replace the plate and leave it under the pot.