Mix Color Pebbles

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Using mix color pebbles in a garden brings different colors and textures to the garden. Pebbles can fill up otherwise empty space, leaving a visual impression that's more interesting than simple dirt, soil or mulch. You can use these pebbles to decorate corners of garden and aquarium.

Pebbles make an environmentally-friendly mulch that cuts down on the need for weed killers, and adding a layer of plastic underneath will help keep grass from poking through. Pebble mulches are also fire-resistant, don't harbor insects or diseases and don't rob the soil of nitrogen and other nutrients.

If you have a pot or container, these mix color pebbles can make your container plants look better. These pebbles can be used on dry surfaces such as on a plain landscape and also wet surfaces like a garden floor, swimming pool and portions of your deck. These pebbles are durable and require less maintenance.