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Dr Sood - The bonsai man of Chandigarh


A renowned surgeon in his glorious days, Dr. V.P. Sood also known as Dr. Bonsai has been growing and nurturing bonsai plants for the past 40 years. Now at 91 Dr. Sood spends 4 to 5 hours everyday with his Bonsais and treats them just like his children.

His incredible collection has featured in various news dailies from time to time. He has been instrumental in conducting plant shows and exhibitions.


His Legacy :

His Bonsai collection of more than 100 plants comprises fruit bearing, flowering and ficus bonsais. Many of these are 40 to 90 years old now.
Dr. Sood also holds the world record for growing a 48ft skit cactus in his garden. He had been actively organising tree plantations around the city till few years back.

With growing limitations of age, Dr. Bonsai is not able to take as much care of his Bonsais as he would like to. He wishes to continue caring for these plants through responsible plant lovers who would be willing to take these Bonsais from him are unbelievably low prices.

How we can help ?

NurseryLive salutes and supports this wonderful plant lover. In our best capacity, we are trying to connect Dr. Sood with responsible plant lovers who would like to inherit a part of his incredible legacy. Should you be keen, please fill in the form on the right.

Disclaimer: NurseryLive is not commercially involved in this campaign. As such NurseryLive is not earning any commission and neither providing any shipping services. The Bonsai will have to be collected personally from Dr. Sood.


If you are a true garden lover and want to support Mr Sood, please share this campaign by clicking below button.




If you are a true garden lover and want to support Mr Sood, please share this campaign by clicking below button.


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