Here is list of top 10 plants for flowering bed in your garden

'Heavenly Blue' Morning Glory:
Scrambling vines are classic for covering fences or mailbox posts. Morning glories tend to reseed, so be prepared to weed out volunteers.

Easy-care, color-filled Vincas have many shapes and colors. These fun plants are for full sun and intense heat. Flowers look and cover like Impatiens. Start indoors 12 weeks before last spring frost.        

Unfortunately, we do not have these plants. They grows in group. We provides seeds fo these


Snapdragons, Dragon Flower
When all the colors of Antirrhinum are mixed and planted, it gives you a colorful flower bed in your garden. plants are available in plastic pots        

It is a favorite for container plantings and flower beds because of its long blooming season and brilliant colors. It bears rounded clusters of individual flowers which are either single or double on a stem which rises above the rounded scalloped leaves. The fuzzy leaves may have zonal markings and emit a “fragrance” when touched.Geranium requires little care as long as it gets full sun and well-drained, moist soil. Container plants may need to be watered more often but should be allowed to dry slightly between watering. Take care not to overwater as it can cause root rot.

Viola x wittrockiana hybrida
Viola is a genus of flowering plants in the violet family Violaceae, with around 400–500 species distributed around the world. Some Viola species are perennial plants, some are annual plants, and a few are small shrubs. A large number of species, varieties and cultivars are grown in gardens for their ornamental flowers. In horticulture the term "pansy" is normally used for those multi-coloured, large-flowered cultivars which are raised annually or biennially from seed and used extensively in bedding. The terms "viola" and "violet" are normally reserved for small-flowered annuals or perennials, including the species. We have seeds available.       

Pot marigold make beautiful flower bed when used in mixed colours. plants are available in polybags. Although Calendula is commonly called "Pot Marigold", they are not in the same genus as the common marigold, Tagetes. (They are part of the same family, Asteraceae.) Pot marigold refers to its gold flowers that bloomed during the festivals celebrating the Virgin Mary and its use in cooking , or pots. Many gardeners simply grow calendula for their cheery bright flowers and profuse blooming. They are most commonly thought of as yellow and orange, but there are more subtle pink and cream varieties.

The seeds can be sown directly into the pots or flower beds. The beds have to be prepared finely by adding compost. The seeds have to be sown at one cm depth with two seeds per hill (in hybrids one seed per hill) and one food apart.

Phlox Mix 1g
We have seeds available.

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