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Summer Plants

Summer Plants

Result: 453 products.
Result: 453 products. Summer plants are not just adapted for summers, but some can also be planted in spring or fall. Most of them bloom year-round. Planting them adds a little. . . read more >


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About Summer Plants

Summer plants are not just adapted for summers, but some can also be planted in spring or fall. Most of them bloom year-round. Planting them adds a little colour to your once barren summer.

Bougainvillea, marigold, roses, and zinnia are the popular varieties of summer plants. Along with them, there are ixora, euphorbia, 9o’clock plant, pentas, lily, geranium, dalia, gerbera in the list. A few others that fill the list are gulmohar, coconut tree, mango tree, etc.

You only get summer for a few months out of the year, so make the most of it by transforming your house and garden into a full-fledged summer flower mecca while it lasts.

Some of these plants like petunias and geraniums are frost-tender perennials, but they are also treated as annuals. So, they need frost protection at the time of winter. Most of the summer plants grow from their seeds, but they can produce their seedlings once they mature.

Studies suggest that some of the plants that are grown in summer like marigold, bougainvillea, rose, etc., help check environmental pollution. They are modified to absorb these harmful chemicals and undergo a biochemical reaction to detox the body safely.

Summers aren’t a pleasant and exciting time for everyone, especially with all the sweating and heat. The only thing that can help you escape from it is your garden. Your garden with green summer plants and bright flowers is the perfect therapy you need.

NurseryLive brings you a wide assortment of summer plants used as ornamental plants or to beautify the cottage gardens. Smaller plants come with a Round Plastic Black Pot about 13 cm (5 in) in size. With proper sunlight, water, soil, temperature, and fertilizer, you can plant these growers in hanging baskets too.

While a few need a proper set of instructions, the rest can be grown with low care and maintenance.


how to grow summer plants in winter?

In the winter reduce your watering and use warm water for plants because many plants are highly sensitive to cold air.

how to save summer plants?

Plants should be placed near the air conditioner In the summer repot your plants Water your succulent plants on a regular basis Leave your plants outside in the middle of the day.

what to do with summer plants in winter?

Reduce your watering and use room temperature water for plants and keep your plants warm.

when can summer plants go outside?

When the temperature outside is constantly over 50 degrees it is acceptable to transfer your plants outside. Keep an eye on the weather forecast.

where to buy summer plants?

You can explore and buy a wide variety of summer plants from nurserylive.

which plants can be planted in summer?

Marigold Black-eyed Susan Aster Lantana Blanket Flower Verbena and a slew of other flowers are among them.