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Air Plant, Tillandsia tricolor (Big) - Plant

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Air Plant, Tillandsia tricolor (Big) - Plant

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do air plants grow bigger?

Yes, Air plant will grow bigger but at a very slow speed. The size will vary with variety and species. However, they will not grow much bigger like shrubs or trees.

Can air plants live in low light?

Air plants can live in a natural indirect or artificial bright light.

Do air plants flower?

Yes, Air plants are flowering plants.

When to water air plants?

Air plants love moist and humid air around them. Spray water on them once in a week or twice a week in summer months. You can also soak them in water for 5 min once a week, but make sure to let all the water drain out.

Where do air plants grow naturally?

Air plants are native to West indies, Mexico, and much of Central and South America. Air plants grow naturally in tree trunks, mostly in rain forests. They generally grow at the joints of two tree branches where they can get sufficient rain water for their growth.

Can air plants be in direct sunlight?

No, grow your Air plants in indirect bright light and protect from direct sunlight.

Is air plant a succulent?

No, Air plants are not succulents.

Can air plants live in water?

Air plants require water for its growth and high humidity but they can not live in water.

How do air plants reproduce?

Air plants reproduce through seeds and offsets/pups.

Are air plants real?

Yes, Air plants are real growing plants.

How often should air plants be watered?

Air plants should be watered once a week or twice a week during summer. However, it also depends on the local climatic conditions.

Are air plants toxic?

No, Air plants are not toxic.

Does air plant need water?

Yes, Air plants require water for their growth. Soak or mist them weekly or twice a week.

Do air plants have roots?

Yes, Air plants do have roots.

Where do air plants grow?

Air plants can grow at any cool spot with high humidity, and receiving indirect bright light.

Are air plants bromeliads?

No they are not Bromeliads.

Can air plants die?

Yes, they can die if care is neglected for long.

Can air plants grow in soil?

They do not require soil for their growth.Air plants can absorb moisture and nutrients through trichome on their leaves.

When do air plants bloom?

Air plant blooming depends on the growing environment, type and age of the plant. As Air plant bloom only once during their lifetime they are particular about investing their energy for blooming.

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