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Haworthia Plants

Haworthia Plants

Result: 24 products.
Result: 24 products. Haworthia, the charming "polka-dotted" succulent, is a breeze to grow and maintain. It resembles the well-known aloe vera plant, but it has a bit more ind. . . read more >


  • haworthia for aries or mesha rashi - plant
    haworthia for aries or mesha rashi - plant
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    Haworthia for Aries or Mesha Rashi - Plant

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About Haworthia Plants

Haworthia, the charming "polka-dotted" succulent, is a breeze to grow and maintain. It resembles the well-known aloe vera plant, but it has a bit more individuality associated with it.

These plants are adorable miniature succulents that make excellent houseplants. Potted plants are frequently transferred outside for the summer months. In areas where frost does not occur, they are occasionally cultivated in the garden. These little, low-growing plants form rosettes of mushy green leaves with white pearly warts or bands that give them a characteristic appearance.

Haworthia, also known as zebra cactus, pearl plant, star window plant, or cushion aloe. They are distinguished by their pearly warts. Haworthia is primarily a South African native, reaching a height of 3 to 5 inches and growing slowly.
Haworthia is also safe for pets!

They don't require much attention or maintenance. If required, they can go for weeks without water. They also look beautiful in unique pots and soil mixtures. They can make wonderful easy-care gifts. You can give them as presents for a wide spectrum of people because of these advantages. They can be utilized in both a home and an office setting.

Haworthia be fine if they're kept in a room that's moderately warm. Keep them away from direct sunlight, and give them a drink every now and then. They'll thrive in an east or west-facing window. Where they'll get a few hours of direct sunlight each day and plenty of brilliant indirect light for the rest of the day.

There are many different types of Haworthia to choose from. In addition to being relatively easygoing houseplants. In our collection, you can find Haworthia plants with other plants presented as combos. You can also find them in cute ceramic, plastic and glass pots to match your taste and style.

All you have to pick your favorites. Quality is never compromised at Nurserylive.

Haworthia Types

Succulent sensations! Discover the diverse range of Haworthia species, each boasting unique shapes, colors, and textures that make them a standout addition to any plant collection.

Haworthia Care

Tender loving care! Uncover the secrets to keeping your Haworthia plants happy and healthy, from optimal lighting conditions to the perfect watering schedule.

Haworthia Propagation

Baby boom! Learn how to propagate your Haworthia plants with ease, filling your home or garden with adorable, pint-sized succulent offspring.

Haworthia Container Gardening

Potted perfection! Explore the world of container gardening with Haworthia plants, finding the ideal pots, soil mixes, and arrangements for your succulent stars.

Haworthia Indoor Growing

Interior allure! Transform your living space with the addition of Haworthia plants, bringing a touch of nature's beauty and resilience into your home.

Haworthia and Feng Shui

Harmonious horticulture! Harness the power of Haworthia plants to promote positive energy and balance within your home, according to the principles of Feng Shui.

Haworthia Outdoor Growing

Garden gems! Incorporate Haworthia plants into your outdoor garden, creating striking focal points and adding texture and interest to your landscape.

Haworthia Blooms

Floral fireworks! Witness the captivating beauty of Haworthia flowers, as these unassuming succulents put on a spectacular show with their delicate, tubular blooms.

Haworthia Varieties for Beginners

Greenhorn's delight! Start your Haworthia collection with confidence, choosing from the most resilient and low-maintenance varieties perfect for beginners.

Haworthia Watering Tips

Quenching thirst! Master the art of watering your Haworthia plants, striking the perfect balance between hydration and drought to keep your succulents thriving.

Haworthia Light Requirements

Sunlit success! Unravel the mysteries of Haworthia light preferences, ensuring your plants receive the ideal amount of sunlight to grow and prosper.

Haworthia Soil Mixes

Foundation for growth! Create the perfect soil mix for your Haworthia plants, providing the ideal combination of drainage, aeration, and nutrients for optimal growth.

Haworthia Pests and Diseases

Troubleshooting tips! Protect your Haworthia plants from common pests and diseases, employing effective prevention and treatment strategies to keep your succulents healthy.

Haworthia Plant Companions

Friendly flora! Discover the best plant companions for your Haworthia collection, creating stunning arrangements that showcase each plant's unique beauty and character.

Haworthia History and Origins

Ancestral roots! Delve into the fascinating history and origins of Haworthia plants, learning about their native habitats and the journey that brought them into our homes and gardens.

Haworthia Collecting

Treasure trove! Embrace the joy of collecting Haworthia plants, seeking out rare and unusual varieties to expand your succulent showcase.

Haworthia Gifting

Succulent surprises! Choose the perfect Haworthia plant as a thoughtful and long-lasting gift, delighting friends and family with a touch of living, growing beauty.

Haworthia in Terrariums

Miniature worlds! Design enchanting terrariums featuring Haworthia plants, creating miniature landscapes that capture the imagination and brighten up any space.

Haworthia in Interior Design

Stylish succulents! Incorporate Haworthia plants into your interior design scheme, adding a touch of natural elegance and visual interest to your home decor.


What are Haworthia plants?

Haworthia plants are succulent plants that belong to the Asphodelaceae family. They are native to Southern Africa and are known for their fleshy, textured leaves that come in various shapes, colors, and patterns.

How do I care for Haworthia plants?

Haworthia plants require well-draining soil, bright but indirect light, and infrequent watering. They are best grown in terracotta pots or containers with drainage holes. Avoid overwatering as it can lead to root rot.

Can Haworthia plants be grown indoors?

Yes, Haworthia plants can be grown indoors as they prefer bright but indirect light. However, make sure to provide them with proper drainage and air circulation.

How often should I water my Haworthia plants?

Haworthia plants should be watered only when the soil is completely dry, usually every two to three weeks.

Do Haworthia plants require fertilizer?

Haworthia plants do not require frequent fertilization. You can use a balanced fertilizer once every six months during the growing season.

Can Haworthia plants be propagated?

Yes, Haworthia plants can be propagated through offsets or leaf cuttings. Allow the cuttings to dry for a few days before planting them in well-draining soil.

What is the best temperature range for Haworthia plants?

Haworthia plants prefer temperatures between 60-80°F (15-27°C) and can tolerate slightly cooler temperatures in the winter.

Can Haworthia plants be grown outdoors?

Haworthia plants can be grown outdoors in warmer regions with well-draining soil and bright, indirect light. However, they should be protected from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

How often do Haworthia plants bloom?

Haworthia plants can bloom once a year during the summer months. Their flowers are small and white.

Do Haworthia plants require pruning?

Haworthia plants do not require regular pruning. However, you can remove any dead or damaged leaves with clean, sharp scissors.

Can Haworthia plants be grown in terrariums?

Yes, Haworthia plants can be grown in terrariums as long as they are provided with proper drainage and air circulation.

Are Haworthia plants pet-friendly?

Haworthia plants are non-toxic to pets and are safe to have around cats and dogs.

Can Haworthia plants be grown with other succulents?

Haworthia plants can be grown with other succulents as long as they have similar growing requirements and are not overcrowded.

How long do Haworthia plants live?

Haworthia plants can live for several years with proper care and maintenance.

What are some popular varieties of Haworthia plants?

Some popular varieties of Haworthia plants include Haworthia fasciata, Haworthia cooperi, Haworthia retusa, and Haworthia attenuata.

Can Haworthia plants be grown from seeds?

Yes, Haworthia plants can be grown from seeds. However, it may take several years for the plants to reach maturity.

How do I prevent pests and diseases in my Haworthia plants?

To prevent pests and diseases in Haworthia plants, make sure to avoid overwatering, provide proper drainage, and maintain good air circulation. You can also use insecticidal soap or neem oil to treat any infestations.